Budget Boosts For Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Front Door

Everyone knows first impressions are the most important. You take care of your appearance before going to a job interview or meeting new people. Most people make an effort to tidy up their homes before company comes calling. The question then becomes why people who put so much effort into the interior of their home forget about what people see first: the exterior.

It’s not because they’re careless; they’re often meticulous about what goes into their homes. Some forgo exterior improvements because they mistakenly think that they need to lay out a good deal of money to complete the update. While roofs and siding or stucco can be significant purchases, there are little things that show wear much faster and are inexpensive fixes. Whether you’re putting your house on the market or just looking to improve your curb appeal, you’ll want to focus on some key areas.

Front Door

The entry way is the first place that draws your eye when you see a house. Is it easily accessible? Is it hidden? Is it even used? Over time, your front door can take a beating from the elements as well as from your family, guests and pets. To instantly update the look, add a fresh coat of paint to your front door. If your neighborhood has covenants, you may want to check with your HOA regarding any color restrictions. Another quick fix is to clean and polish the door hardware. For a more unified look, coordinate the doorknobs and locks with your porch lamp.

Also, if you have screen door or storm door, make sure the glass and frame are clean and any screen inserts are in good repair. If Fido has snagged the screen with his claws or one of the kids stretched it by leaning on it, consider replacing the screen. Materials can be bought by the yard at your local home improvement center. With a little time and the proper tools, you’ll have a door that looks fresh and inviting for very little expense.


If you thought window treatments were only meant to be admired from inside your home, think again. When seen curb-side, how your windows are dressed can speak volumes. They are a visitor’s first glimpse into the environment you’ve created in your home. Haphazard treatments are not as appealing or welcoming as those that are thought out to compliment your home.

That is not to say you need to put your personal style on hold when dressing your windows. There are plenty of options which make expressing your personality a breeze. Layers of sheer panels and heavier drapes offer both natural light and privacy. Blinds and shutters are both available in a range of colors and materials and can be more energy efficient, effectively reflecting exterior light and heat in summer as well as retaining heat in winter.

Some suppliers have software that can take an uploaded photo of your home and add the window treatments of your choice to give you a preview before you make your purchase; take advantage of the tools your supplier has to offer.

Trim and Gutters

Some home owners may want to touch up their home’s exterior appearance, but are either unwilling or unable to replace siding, stucco or shingles. In some cases, these things don’t need replacement. An easy way to perk up a home’s exterior is to look to the details; things that are often overlooked, but, when attended to, make a huge impact.

You may not even notice it at first, but chipping paint on trim, shutters and gutters can age a facade. To visitors and potential buyers, it’s like frayed cuffs on a shirt. Clean up the lines by sanding, caulking and repainting where necessary. You may need to tackle this project in stages so you can come back to it with a fresh eye to avoid missing spots. This may seem a tedious process, but the payoff will be well worth the trouble.

With all your home says about you, shouldn’t you take pride in it’s first impression, too?


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