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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 13th June 2014

They have very poor communication and is difficult to contact them.I like the property they managed and secured it paying 200£ as a deposit.Today when going to sign the contract, I am informed that I need to pay 220£ for referencing plus 60£ of admin fees.A total of 480£ for a single tenant.They rip you off.Stay away

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 7th February 2014

Put an offer in on a house at 8:45am and asked them to call the Vendor. Sent over DIP within 2 hours and then after another 2 hours (around 12:30pm) the estate agent rang back to advise another identical offer has come in.

Now my understanding is that the my offer came in first so should be put to the vendor, and if they accept, the other potential buyer should be told "sorry, the vendor has accepted another offer"....but no.

I get a call the same evening asking me 'What can i do to improve my offer as they are both identical" - well nothing, as my offer went in first. But no...

Frank Innes put both offers in at the same time, and the house went to the other buyer... Absolute joke. So much for first come first served with Frank Innes,

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 17th May 2012

The worst letting agents rude lazy and dishonest make vieings for you to view a property and dont turn no apologies .DONT BOTHER WITH CREDIT CHECKS OR REFERENCES its down to if they like you or not would never recommend they should be called FRAUD LETTINGS

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