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Estate Agents Review by Brad 2nd November 2016


In the short amount of time I have been renting, I have came across a number of rouge landlords, but HRH Estates Strood is a whole estate agency which really need to look at how they carry out their trade.

Short story.
HRH seemed friendly enough until we spoke to their other staff and contractors. The flat was comfortable enough to live in once the major repairs were sorted. But, they left us without any heating for a week, without an oven for 2 weeks (taking 6 months to fit properly), and without any water supply whatsoever for 3 weeks. They left us to do the calling and chasing around, whilst being almost unreachable themselves.

They refused to communicate via e-mail, making their side of the paper-trail very thin. Initially they said they’d compensate us for our troubles, but despite their word, they are now not accepting any responsibility for what has happened and has left us to pay the full amount of rent they originally said we wouldn’t need to.

A year on, and there are still minor repairs that need doing.

To end my story. If you’re in the position, like I was, where you would jump at the opportunity for a decent flat, Take not of everything! Take pictures of every issue you have; take a complete inventory; record everything after it happens with the dates, times etc; refuse to accept anything unless it is in writing as well; court or council action is always an option, and a very good threat too if you word it well enough; and prepare to do a lot of chasing up yourself!

And Finally, Avoid HRH Estates.
Thank you for reading, see the full story with the link below.

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