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Martin & Co is an aggressive brand builder with a strong focus on the lettings sector. A sales proposition is to be introduced shortly providing landlords with a wider choice for property and buy-to-let investment solutions.

Established in 1986 and launched as a franchise in 1995 Martin & Co has a proven track record in the residential lettings and property management sectors. Offering a sales and property investment solution for landlords is a natural extension of this core lettings business.

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 8th August 2012

After renting for the last ten years, Martin & Co stand out as being the WORST letting agent I have ever dealt with. It's a very long story of what has happened but they have never been helpful, it has taken three months to get repairs and an apology is always too much to ask from the staff. Martin & Co are very short on answers and always have plenty of excuses that we have been hearing for the last three months. When we call trying to get answers we are made to feel as though we are being a nuisance and we are greeted with a very rude and dismissive response. I feel inclined to let people know how Matin & Co treat their tenants. At a £245 agency fee, we are struggling to see how they can act the way they have. They told us that they are busy, that they work from 7am till 10pm and have 300 lettings. So its obvious that they are just a money grabbing company and when they have you they don't have the care or time to deal with any problems. Our struggle is still ongoing and they have broken the contract we signed stating we will have a second shower installed which they are now not going to do!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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