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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 27th November 2013
Simpson Brebner & Partners - Aberdeen 1 out of 5

Horrific communication skills. We used these agents for a year under our tenancy. What a waste of money for the landlord, as the landlord and ourselves ended up with a great relationship and resolving disputes far quicker than the agency ever did.

They were extremely unhelpful and took forever to respond to emails and were condescending on the phone. Presumably they turn on the charm for landlords, but because the tenants are not footing the bill (apart from the extortionate 'handling fees') they are simply patronising.

I cannot explain enough how uncommunicative and unhelpful this agency was. Utterly atrocious. A group of people who clearly have no passion or interest in customer relations or service.

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 25th June 2013
Simpson Brebner & Partners - Aberdeen 1 out of 5

I have used quite a few letting agents before, none however are quite at the standard of Simpson Brebner Lettings.

From the get go we were charged £150 for an admin fee and my goodness did they earn it!! The amount of time I have spent faffing about trying to sort out a lease on a property is unreal. It was just a change of one tenant in an existing let. First of all they got our flat address and the understanding of our situation completely wrong and the only response we could give to their first email reply was "I have no idea what you're on about".

Their complete lack of professionalism is astounding. After them losing documents, sending the wrong documents, them deciding they want different documents and many more things they still have not managed to issue a yes/no decision on whether we stay or not.

I have been dealing with their secretary Emma Higgins, who must be absolutely stunning because she definitely was not hired for her brains, competency or email etiquette.

I truly believe that in the 'Simpson' part of the office I would find an overweight, balding, yellow cartoon character swigging from a Duff beer can.

In fact, instead of being annoyed, I have decided to put this to better use and I've began to forward the emails from Simpson Brebner to my mates as a laugh.

Never even think of using this circus act as an letting agent.

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 22nd February 2013
Simpson Brebner & Partners - Aberdeen 1 out of 5

In two words I would describe Simpson Brebner as dishonest and unprofessional. When you hear of nightmare agents - Simpson Brebner would be at the top of the list.

A company like Simpson Brebner should not operate in this day and age. They are not regulated in any way so they think they can get away with anything. The sales person (who has now left the company) did a great job lulling us into picking them as our property agents. After that initial meeting everything went downhill. You no longer dealt with the sales person and had to deal with the unprofessional staff.

Before the first tenants moved in we were charged over £170 for 11 hours of cleaning without prior notice. We had just finished redecorating the property and had cleaned the property top to bottom. Our neighbour had seen cleaners go into the property, but only briefly. The cleaners spent the rest of the time smoking cigarettes outside. After arguing with Simpson Brebner they eventually refunded the charges.

Additional plumbing charges appeared on our account without notice or prior warning. Simpson Brebner couldn't provide us with a receipt or an engineers report when asked.

We never received any reports about property inspections - the staff were always very vague and said everything was fine. Quite the contrary when the tenants moved out.

Simpson Brebner’s finance department kept hold of the last months rent saying that they would use it for any repairs when the tenants moved out. We had not authorised them to do this and strictly advised them that we would need prior notice if any work was to be carried out on the property. They already held £200 as a reserve for any emergency work.

When Simpson Brebner found prospective tenants to move in we were disappointed to find out that the property would be lying empty for three weeks. There was still almost two months time until the tenants could move in so we asked Simpson Brebner to readvertise the property in the hope that we could find tenants sooner. I kept in regular contact with the agency asking for updates, but each time I was advised that there had been no interest in the property. I found this very surprising so I got a friend to call as a prospective tenant and she was immediately advised that the property had already been let out. We were wanting an explanation for this dishonest behaviour as it could have caused a loss of earnings for us and leaving the property empty during the winter is always a worry. When they could not provide us with a good reason we decided to terminate the agency contract after the tenant moved out. Instead, Simpson Brebner decided to terminate the contract with us with immediate effect, which is in breach of contract.

Please stay clear of this company. If they deal this badly with the people that essentially give them business, I dread to think how they treat tenants.

We have already had a much better experience with a new agent.

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