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Portfolio Managers
We manage some of the largest Landlord Portfolio's in East London and West Essex; we have been instrumental in successfully building existing and new portfolio's for our clients.

Friendly, Reliable staff
Our staff enjoy one of the best ongoing training programs within the industry, resulting in a fast, friendly and efficient service (Please take a moment to read our company Philosophy for further information.
Rent Guarantee
We can provide both Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection for your property.

Our systems are fully computerised and utilise the latest Property Management Software.

Over 100 years of Combined Property Experience
Take advantage of our extensive professional experience in property sales and lettings.
Let your property legally & professionally
Victor Michael operates in line with all the latest government statutory legislation for renting property.

Hundreds of Properties to Choose from
Browse our online database for a wide range of properties to choose from.

Professional Indemnity
Victor Michael is fully insured for your complete piece of mind

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 14th November 2012

After having moved out of one of their properties 18 months ago I am being chased for rent that I supposedly haven’t paid for “this and last month”.
I said I haven’t lived there for well over a year and was told not to f**king lie and that they would be coming to the property to collect it personally and if I didn’t pay they would throw me out.
1. I’m sure that’s against the law
2. I don’t live there anymore

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 4th August 2012

I could not wait to get out earlier! They charge me extensive fees at the beginning. Did absolutely nothing when I reported any maintenance issues, at times I was left without heating or hot water for over a week. Threaten to blacklist me when I wanted to move out before my tenancy ended. And once I had given my notice to leave, they just turned up when they liked to do viewing without one call to me, once after 8pm! I am so glad that I now in a different property with a new agency. They are really the worse agents in history!!

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 23rd July 2012

I gave my property to Victor Michael’s to manage because I didn’t want the hassle.

But from day 1 I’ve had to chase tenants for money every month when they haven’t paid, I’ve had to liaise with the tenant’s when work has been necessary as they have told me Victor Michael Management are useless and hardly ever pick up the phone and when they do they arrange for repairs or work that aren’t necessary such as a boiler that just needed re-pressurizing – but I was told that it needed a new boiler at £2800 cost of course I went myself and discovered this agency are the worst kind scummy con merchants around.

Be aware!

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 18th July 2012

I’m a landlord that gave my property to Victor Michael to manage while I went travelling for a year. They told me that everything would be okay and the sale’s person assured me they would have it let in no time at all. They quoted that the property had a market rental of £900pcm and would be easily achievable. We did all the safety checks in the weeks leading up to my department and everything seemed fine. They had keys to my apartment and I said they could visit whenever they wished and had 3 weeks before I left. I was told it would be done before I left and I would be able to meet the tenants to put my mind at ease as I asked for professional working tenants. As the days went by I called to see how things were going and was told they have had lots of viewings but no one interested yet but not to worry. Days turned into weeks and I had to leave. Again I was assured it would all be okay, I gave them my email address so I could be reached wherever I was and for them to stay in touch. They didn’t and every shred of contact was initiated by myself. Seven weeks went by, my property still wasn’t let and then they made contact saying the only tenants that were interested were offering £650pcm and I should take it. I felt I had no choice as I didn’t want the property empty and needed the mortgage paid.
Nine weeks later no rent had come through at all to my account so I contacted them. I was told that those tenants had pulled out and the property had been vacant from the start.
No rent, no tenant, no contact.
Obviously I have had to cut short what was supposed to be a life experience to return home, find an agent that can deliver and can rent the property, thankfully to say that I gave the property to another local agent in the High Road who let it in 24hours at £925pcm to great tenants who have already moved in.
Hopefully I put this experience behind me and look forward to the one ahead.

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