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Estate Agents Review by A Small 18th August 2014

We found a house advertised on Rightmove by Belvoir Lettings, Bishop's Stortford, that was obviously our first mistake !!

Have been waiting for 6 days now for a reply as to whether we can view the property or not ?? You cannot call the agency as they have a message saying that due to holidays they are busy and please send an e-mail or leave a message and they will come back to you, this is clearly a lie, if they cannot operate when staff are on holiday then we suggest they just close for the period or better still close full stop !

Honestly, if we all ran such an inefficient business then clearly nothing would work.

This is one agency to avoid in future, I can see now why they have very few properties on Rightmove, poor landlords !

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 3rd January 2013

What a miserable bunch of incompetent individuals. I'm sure these guys say all the right things to their Landlords, but they simply couldn't care less about tenants. Communication is appalling, customer service skills severely lacking and common-sense has taken a long leave of absence.

Couple the above with utterly ridiculous fees and I would strongly discourage any potential tenant to steer well clear. We were given this advice and sincerely wish we had listened!

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Estate Agents Review by 3rd December 2012

I had nothing but useless hassles throughout from Belvoir Letttings in Cockermouth and Whitehaven offices. Completely unprofessional bunch of people, unethical business practices, not passing on correct information to both landlord and tenant, no guts to come on phone/email to answer genuine queries, being a landlord it cost me fortune due to their super expensive contractor charges, high turnaround of internal people sums up their reputation in the market.

If you wanted nothing but troubles then deal with this bunch of cowboys.

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