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1st avenue estate agents are a professional services company with offices in London and Singapore, leveraging a network of partner agents across the Asia Pacific region extending our global reach.
Specialising in residential lettings and sales across London, we are renowned for our knowledge and 1st class service, rich in depth and delivering the highest levels of service and experience.

Our services extend to advising major developers, investors, client centred management companies and individual owners.

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Estate Agents Review by sue 17th July 2016
1st Avenue - London - Greenwich 2 out of 5

We had a great 5 years with 1st Avenue when they rented out our flat. (For that they get the 2 stars)
Sadly, when we came to sell it, we had an appalling experience with them.
Unbelievable lack of communication, nothing in writing and I never knew what was the truth. (Insist on EVERYTHING in an email!!)
I know that estate agents have a bad reputation and they really lived up to that particular image. I was very upset and saddened by the whole awful, 10 month ordeal. We made much less than we should and felt very cheated. Just dreadful.

Do yourself a favour and so to Foxtons; at least you know what to expect!

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Estate Agents Review by Yasmine 3rd January 2016
1st Avenue - London - Greenwich 5 out of 5

1st Avenue (particularly Matt Driver and Sean) are fantastic. Very helpful, polite, efficient, and not like the stereotypical 'wideboy' estate agent.
Really pleased with how they dealt with us as tenants, and would be keen to use them to rent out my own property.
Really pleasant experience, and enjoyed dealing with both Matt and Sean. Great agents!

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Estate Agents Review by Anonymous 20th September 2012
1st Avenue - London - Greenwich 1 out of 5


I cannot stress that enough. I can only write this review now that I have my deposit back and no longer have to deal with them.

First things first, the manager of the company Paul, who has 'a passion for property', is only concerned with lining his own pockets. He's all sugar and sweets when you're trying to rent a place, but as soon as you're in, it ends there.

If, heaven forbid, anything goes actually wrong with the place you are letting, you are expected to fill out a form so the 'property management' team can fix it. To be perfectly frank, they couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery. We had a broken toilet, and were told that this didn't qualify as an emergency! Now, I don't know what they are happy to put up with in their own homes, but to me, being able to 'go' in my own house, that i'm paying to live in, is not too much to ask for, and certainly qualifies as an emergency in my book!
When questioned about how long it would take, they said 10 days. 10 DAYS to get an 'approved' plumber - I could open the yellow pages and get someone within half an hour, so maybe you should 'manage' to find a more competent plumber! I then asked what I was supposed to do regarding toilet duties for the next 10 days, and was told that we were 'near a park and a train station' and should go and use the public toilets!
No lie, word for word, thats what I was told. I can almost see the shock on your face as you read this. Its just lucky that we had made friends with the neighbours, who were sympathetic to our cause and experiences with bad estate agents, otherwise I don't know what we would have done.
We were then told, after the 10 days were over and it was fixed, that WE had to pay for the toilet to be fixed, as apparently we had opened up the cistern. I'm not a plumber, and have no DIY skills whatsoever, I didn't open the cistern.

After a number of other incidents, I wrote an online review about how bad 1st Avenue is, and the next day I get a phone call from Paul, who was literally screaming at me down the phone about what i'd written (ie. the truth) and how I was lying. "My staff would never tell you to go and sh*t in a park toilet, I would have been told about this" - er, well Paul, they did say that, and the fact that you're not aware of this entire incident (which went through at least 3 members of your so called 'property management' team) must mean that you don't run the tightest of ships. He then started telling me I was being a child and that he refused to speak to me until I was prepared to discuss the matter as an adult.

Just to note, throughout the entire conversation, I was completely calm, didn't raise my voice, and tried to explain the entire situation to him, and how bad his staff had been to us - all the while he's screaming bloody murder down the phone and throwing his toys out of the pram like a spoilt child. He then told me he would call me back later to finish the conversation after he had calmed down. He never did.

Instead, after checking the review site I had posted on (, he had instead spent the entire day posting positive reviews about his company under false profiles (in order to boost his 'star score', and writing outrageous claims under my review. He stated that we were rude and nasty tenants who abused his staff - oh Paul, if only.

After dealing with several people he contracts to do business with, and other tenants who use them, it turns out that its not just us that he speaks to like sh*t, he even treats his staff and contractors like that. I don't want this review to seem like an attack on the man, since I'm reviewing the entire agency, but he is the face of his company, and in this case, it just happens to be a company with two-faces.

There will probably be some feedback from him on this review, or someone who is another 'tenant' or 'landlord' or 'employee' stating that everything I've just wrote is a lie. There will probably be a ton of feedback from other 'tenants' as well that give a 4-5 star rating after I post this going on about how great they are (and I wonder how real these people really are, eh Paul!) But as you can see, I've written a lot, and its taken me about half an hour, so ask yourselves this - if the company wasn't that bad, would I have wasted my time writing this, when I have more important things I could be doing.

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1st Avenue - London - Greenwich
Commercial Unit 6, 128 Metcalfe Court
SE10 0EL
Phone: + 44 (0)20 8293 8600