3 Reasons Why House Extensions Are Better Than House Conversions

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House extensions seem like an unnecessary expense. They require lots of work including building, plumbing, electrics, and decorating. Loft conversions and basement renovations seem easier, so why do people choose an extension instead?

House extensions offer better access

Instead of letting the loft rot away, you could transform it into an amazing new room. The downside? Having a good access point isn’t guaranteed. Not everyone has the money or space to build a staircase or elevator. Some lofts only have room for a ladder, which limits the use of the room. No wonder lofts end up as storage space!

Unlike the loft, basements have access by stairs. Easy access means the room could be used for more than storage. Unfortunately, many basements don’t have windows, which could be a fire hazard. Some people avoid windowless rooms because they want natural light during the day and hate the claustrophobic feeling of being boxed in.

House extensions are accessible to all. No shaky ladders or rickety stairs. Extensions allow safe, easy access to everyone including vulnerable people like the disabled and young children.

House extensions are room temperature

Heat rises so the top of the house will be cosy during colder months. This means the loft occupant could use less heat to stay warm, which would help keep the bills low. On the other hand, summers would be tough because the unlucky person upstairs would be trapped in the heat.

The basement would be even worse. In the winter, the heat would travel upstairs, leaving the occupant in the cold. In the summer, the person would be trapped in the heat because there are no windows. Circulating fresh air would be hard when the only point of entry is the door, which would be kept shut for privacy.

House extensions are usually on ground level. They are well insulated so the occupants handle harsh winters, and have windows to open in hot summers. Like other rooms in the house, an extension can easily be adapted to every season.

House extensions have good standing room

Standing room is a problem in lofts and basements. There is usually enough space to move comfortably, but there are always some areas that are hard to access. This limits the amount of space usable, which can be frustrating when those areas end up being used for storage. What a waste of floor space!

All the space in house extensions is usable. There are no nooks and crannies asking to be used as storage space. A good designer will tailor the layout to fit the room’s purpose.

Easy access points, a liveable climate, and good standing room are 3 reasons why house extensions are better than house conversions. House extensions may cost more, take longer to build, and require planning permission, but long-term they are definitely worth the hard work.

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