3 Ways to Add Value to your Home

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Putting a Price on Your Property
When relocating and selling up, everyone has their own idea of the value of their property. Sometimes, this isn’t purely with profit in mind, but because they’ve created a home there and have an emotional attachment to that place. It can be difficult to be objective as a result, and some owners can waste a lot of time, going from estate agent to estate agent, trying to find the best price for their property.

Seeing Your Home as an Investment
However, if you are willing to see your home as a potential investment, you can dramatically increase the feasible asking-price when it comes time to selling. Of course, this comes on top of creating a comfortable, splendid home for yourself and your family to enjoy. However, due to circumstances we cannot foresee now, we will likely have to sell these properties one day, whether to free up money, meeting a new partner, a death or illness, or just a change of scenery.

If you are concerned that you may not be getting the full potential out of your property, consider these three tips when preparing to sell your home:

Your Property is a Blank Canvas
When having people over to view the property, we tidy up. Why? Is it out of polite custom  when having anyone over to our home, or to send out some kind of message or perception about ourselves? Likely not, seeing as we will most likely not have to deal directly with these people ever again, even if they do decide to buy. When potential buyers view a property, they are trying to envisage themselves in that property. ‘Can I live here?’ is the question they are asking themselves. You need to facilitate that by providing a blank canvas for them to imagine what they could do to the place, and a part of that is making everything tidy and clean so they can see their house and not yours. If you can paint some or all of the rooms’ walls white or a very light colour, then this will help. It looks cleaner and like looking at a blank piece of paper and seeing in your mind what you could draw, the house will scream potential. This may involve taking down some pictures and posters, which will also make the property look less cluttered.

house painting

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mabi/43214814/sizes/o/

Adding to Your Property
If you’re a dab hand when it comes to laying bricks, consider getting creative. It’s not too hard, especially with help from a tutorial video or a DIY show, though you could just hire a contractor, or get a friend who knows about these things. We’re not talking about a massive structure to rival Stonehenge, but instead something simple, like a porch, small garden-spot or BBQ pit, could make all the difference. Even touching up that wall in the front or back of your house will help, especially in the front which will be a viewer’s first impression of your property. There are several tools on the market which make the brick-laying process a lot easier and guarantees a professional-looking end product. If you really fancy yourself, you could attempt a whole garage; nothing too complicated, but a simple housing unit for your car/s to keep your car covered from the elements and out of sight for security, rather than out in the open

Custom Fittings
Bespoke bathrooms or kitchens add a touch of luxury to a property. Real estate is very much aspirational and what we want to be, or envisage our hopes and dreams to be. With furnishings and designs specially made, it adds to the feeling you want conveyed that this property has played host to great memories for you and it can also for those viewing the property; for example, a special wine rack that gives off the idea that it has played a role in many dinner parties for you, which may open up possibilities that the viewer hasn’t even really considered for themselves (‘I could become a domestic goddess and host wine-evenings for my friends…’). It also has a “Wow-factor” to have specially-designed fittings, adding depth to the property, and provides a great conversation for those awkward viewing experiences when the seller and viewer meet. It’s a lot more interesting than seeing a few bits of furniture that aren’t really tied together or have nothing in common, just randomly placed in a room; as well as being quite boring, there isn’t much to it and you can’t really go anywhere from there.




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