5 Decorating Tips For Selling A Home

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For people looking to buy and sell houses, it will come as no surprise that house prices have been falling by 1.5% year on year in the UK. This does differ between regions, as in London prices have risen by 1%, but generally across the UK house prices are down. This is great news for buyers, but not so much for sellers. Renting has, however, become twice as expensive on a monthly basis as mortgage payments of home owners, meaning that there’s the potential of more potential buyers in the near future.
Waiting for the market to fully recover is often not a luxury many of us have, so it’s essential to make the most of the current situation and to sell your house for the best price you can get. Easier said than done, I know, but there are some inexpensive decorating tips you can use to make a great first impression with your home.

1. De-clutter

Picture the arrival of potential buyers, like a job interview. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in a pair of Jeans, so make sure that your home looks tidy and organized before potential buyers arrive. This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by how many people get this wrong. Consider buying some useful PVC storage boxes, preferably with wheels, so you can easily wheel them under a bed or sofa for safe keeping. Paperwork, sheets or blankets which are taking up a lot of space, can be stored in these boxes, thereby giving you more options for your other items. They will come in handy when moving, too.

2. Add Colour

Colour likes and dislikes vary among all of us, but even though you can’t foresee the favourite colour of a potential buyer, you can use colour to brighten your home. It’s all about showing the potential of your home to buyers, so aim to counter areas which could make a bad first impression. For example, if you have a rather dark entrance way, consider brightening it up by either repainting it in a welcoming colour, such as cream, pastel blue/yellow, or by adding a long mirror to make it look brighter and larger.

3. Highlight The Positive

You know the good parts, and the bad parts of your home the best, so be sure to highlight the good. If you have a charming living room, but not so flattering or smaller than you’d like windows, consider adding patterned curtains to highlight the room and make the windows look bigger. Long curtains on short windows can create a more open feel to the room.
4. Atmosphere Is Key
The atmosphere in your home is key to the impression potential buyers will get. It should be welcoming and comfortable for them. Points 1, 2 and 3 set the groundwork for this, and you can add some finishing touches by using flowers on a mantel and air fresheners to create a comfortable atmosphere. Lavender is notorious for its relaxing effects.

5. Less Is More

When adding these finishing touches, such as air fresheners, flowers, colourful vases and lamp shades, cushions or even a rug, remember that less is more. Decide what you truly want to highlight, and focus on that rather than adding everything you can think of. Potential buyers are interested in the space and seeing the potential of what they could do with it. At the same time, you don’t want it looking too empty and uninviting.
This article was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of Custom Curtains, providers or quality cushions and curtains, which you can buy online. Visit their website here to buy curtains online. Sarah is a home décor enthusiast, who is often found scoring the web for the next inexpensive decorating idea.


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