5 Designer Home Ware Additions To Make A Difference

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The best way to redecorate a room is to begin with a blank canvas – bare floors and neutral walls. This way, when deciding on the interior style to opt for we can have a clean slate with no influences from existing décor. So many people are attracted to moving into brand new homes because they can walk in and envision their own style adaptations.

However, it is often the case that new homes are a little bare, and lack personality. To give your home and injection of character and make it more homely then the addition of designer home ware accessories should do just that.

Here are 5 designer home ware additions to make a difference to your home.


Lighting can make your home welcoming and cosy and create a desired atmosphere. For example in the bedroom where lighting can be less intense, bedside table lamps work great. A lamp with an elongated nickel base will add an element of modernity and a floral or patterned shade will give it sophistication and is a great way to bring pattern into your room.

In the lounge you may want to opt for lighting with a dimmer switch, this way you can have the lighting as high or as low as you please to suit the mood.


There are loads of great ways that you can display pictures other than in wooden picture frames. Glass picture cubes are stylish and will allow you to display 6 pictures. The cube can be rotated showing a different picture each day.

A great designer homeware tip is to transfer your pictures onto a canvas. You can have a sepia effect to give it a funky modern edge.


Not only do cushions add to the comfort factor but they will give your rooms a glam factor also. Choose a collection of different cushions all of similar colours or matching colours but go for different materials. Working faux fur and suede together will give your room an element of glamour and sophistication.

Hardwood Furniture

Bring character to your home with hardwood furniture. Oak console tables are great to add character to open hallways and come in handy for storage of keys and the telephone. Stand a large wooden frame mirror on top of the table leaning against the wall and place a large glass vase full of beautiful fresh flowers on top.

Wall Art

Wall art comes in many forms such as stencils, prints and mirrors but my latest favourite is metal wall art in floral shapes or letters that spell out words. Not only does wall art look great but it will also add dimension to bare walls.

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