5 Easy Ways To Add More Value To Your Home

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5 ways to improve you home appeal when sellingThinking of selling your home?

Make sure that you’re getting the real worth from your home or more out of the deal – after all, it had been an important part of your and your family’s life. While remodeling the house is a sure way to up its value, it would also cost you a lot of money, so instead of spending a fortune in remodeling, consider the following easy make-overs that would kick the value of your house up a few notches:


Remove unnecessary things in your house and tidy it up. You might be surprised how much change it makes when you thoroughly clean your house. Not only will this open up your space, it will also make your house newer. Take the time to scrub the tiles and countertops, and polish wooden floors.
Get rid of too much decoration and clean your shed. It may also help to paint the walls in a more neutral color like beige or off-white and choose and eggshell finish if your wall has imperfections; doing this will help prospective buyers visualize the potential things they could do to your space.
Clean your bathroom thoroughly and organize toiletries in proper places. It also helps to change your shower curtain when a potential buyer is about to arrive. You want them to see a bathroom that doesn’t show too much signs of use.

Fix whatever’s broken.

You would not want to show your house with the wrong foot forward. In order to make sure that potential buyers don’t get the idea that the house was not well –maintained and in a bad condition, check if everything’s working as it should.
It is said that home buyers pay special attention to the kitchen, so make sure that the plumbing, lighting, electricals and other appliances are working properly. Replace broken pipes and fix dangling wires. Patch up holes and cracks on the wall before painting them. Your house can fetch a higher price if the potential new owners can see that they won’t have to do so much repair when they move in.

Revamp your exterior.

The exterior of the house is the first thing that people will notice, so it’s good that if you can make a good first impression. Start by cleaning your gates and tidying up your fences. You may want to repaint some chipped metals and install newer house numbers. In your garden, get rid of dead plants and plant some new ones if you don’t have a lot to work with. Mow your lawn and rearrange potted plants to make your outdoor space more appealing.
You can either repaint, or just clean the exterior walls of the house, depending on the condition and finish. The main goal is to make it look new and inviting. You can also add some accessories on your front door and replace the doorknobs with updated ones.

Let more light and freshness in.

You can achieve this by cleaning the windows, installing appropriate lighting and cleaning reflective surfaces. Having more light indoor makes your space look bigger and more appealing. It also helps to change the sheets, linens, curtains and pillowcases with a color-coordinated set to give a more stylish impression.

Upgrade your cabinets.

Cabinets can change the look of your house dramatically. Make sure your cabinet doors are fixed, and the surfaces are smooth. You can repaint them after cleaning and upgrade the hardware to make them look more updated

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