5 Excellent Tips To Save Money While Moving to Your New House

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Got a transfer from job or resigning to set up a new business in new place; whatever may be the reason shifting to a new place is a cumbersome process. It not only is a time consuming process but can be heavy on your pocket if not done wisely. While many expenses are surely unavoidable, but lot other expenses can be kept at minimum if proper planning is done.

We need to properly plan a budget for moving which should include all the process, from packing in carton to hiring trucks and then to finally settling in new place. At new place you might not be aware of surroundings and thus need to keep some basic things handy, especially if you have kids. This will save you from getting into panic mode. Here are few ideas which you can implement while moving out of your house and remain tension free:

1. Throw the unused items

When packing things throw away all those items which you haven’t used for more than 2 years; these are the things which are of no use and taking them with you means picking up garbage. Anyhow the packaging companies will charge you basis of weight and amount of cartons. Similarly, the furniture which you currently own might be too bulky for the new house. Take its measurement; if it exceeds the size of room in new house, sell it off. It will never fit in. Remember you will get more money in current city since you have time to bargain in comparison with new city where you will have to hurry up.

2. Packaging Company

Book your packaging company in advance after looking out all options. Keep searching for the best company considering who can offer you best pricing. Booking it in advance will help you choose the best option otherwise last minute bookings will cost you more. Also, confirm with them for any extra charges before signing the contract. For example, they might add extra cost if your new house is high-rise apartment or if miles exceed then had been anticipated.

3. Gather cartons

No matter how many cartons you have you would need more at last minute. Therefore, ask friends or shopkeepers to give you some extra moving supplies. BE sure to pack all important documents and papers properly in a waterproof bag. Similarly, pack each glass item individually or in between clothes. They might crack while moving and you wouldn’t want to see a tea set in pieces when you are unpacking. Try places like dollar stores or discount chains to gather boxes, packaging tapes or markers.

4. Labeling

Write properly over the cartons the things they contain. No matter how good your memory is, the transfer exertion will take a toll on your brain. Once you reach your new home it would be really difficult to find the correct item easily. And if you will open them all at a time it might take a toll on your health.

5. Transfer of records

You will need to complete lot of paperwork before shifting to new place, like notify post offices, banks about change of address. If you have membership of some clubs which is transferable, make sure to resale it or else they might have some refundable fees which you can collect. Be sure to transfer the insurance record of your car from current city to new city.

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