5 questions you should ask an estate agent when you put your house for sale

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Agentright.com estate agent tipsYour home is the biggest investment you can make in your life when it comes time to put your home up for sale, you need to sell for the best possible price, here are some things you should know and ask your estate agent when choosing one to represent you for the next transaction in the sale of your home. Run through the check list and don’t be rushed, this is an important decision.

Top 5 questions to ask your Estate Agent BEFORE choosing them

1) How many houses has the estate agent listed and sold over the past six months? Remember that you are looking for an estate agent in your area that has enough experience with homes similar to yours and in the same neighbourhood. Make sure you speak to the estate agent who will be acting for you and not the whole estate agency. We may all have to learn somewhere but you don’t want to think that you have a junior estate agent who has yet to get their experience levels up.

2) Get as much detail as you can when you are face to face. Some estate agents may well try to send you materials or hand you brochures, this is not the right type of estate agent for you. They may be busy but this is not an excuse and they should be making time to get to know their clients both buyers and sellers.

3) How long as an average does it take them to sell a house? Expect some evasive replies to this question, it is designed to show how much they know the market and also it will give you an indication of how confident they are. There are of course not guarantees but this question is designer to put them on the spot a little and see how well they do reply.

4) How long have you been in business? Estate agents may come and go, for local estate agents knowing the area as well as they can do comes with time and this should be a factor to consider if you want to get the best possible estate agency sale price.

5) Which estate agent within the agency are you dealing with and what happens if they are not there. I hear horror stories all the time of the estate agent being too busy to take calls and there being no-one the seller can deal with. Check what the lines of command are and be clear that you will want to know who and when you can speak with your estate agent, they are providing you with a service and you have a right to know. It can make all the difference between a fats and simple sale.

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