5 Tips for Bringing an Old House Up to Scratch

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Whether you buy an older house to renovate it or you end up with an outdated family house, you will want to find the best and most cost effective ways of bringing it up to date. This isn’t usually as difficult as it looks, and if you follow these 5 tips you will have a smart, modern property before too long.

Fit a New Bathroom

If there is one room which can really date a property it is the bathroom. If your new property has an old fashioned, brightly coloured bathroom suite then you should look to get this changed. It is a lot less expensive to bring a bathroom up to date than you might fear, so making a start on this room is a good idea.

Replace the Windows

There are a couple of big benefits to getting new double glazing put into an older house. The first one is that it will make the place look a lot better. If it currently has rotted wooden window frames or ones which look well out of fashion you will be keen to get a better look sorted out. If you get your replacement windows from a big name firm, you will also make sure that your home is more energy efficient, as less heat will escape from it during the winter.

Tidy the Garden

Another thing which most neglected properties have in common is that the garden is usually in a poor state. If you are lucky then a few hours of work will be enough for you to get it looking good again. If things are more serious than this then you might want to call in a professional gardener to give it a makeover.

Replace the Flooring

It is highly unlikely that the outdated property you now own has modern wooden flooring in it. It is far more likely to have carpets which look completely out of place in the type of house you are trying to turn it into. The carpets are one of the first things to go in many home renovations and with wooden flooring being so cheap you might want to put this down right away.

Check the Wiring and Plumbing

There is a good chance that the home’s wiring and plumbing installations haven’t been checked out in a long time. This could turn out to be an expensive job if there is some updating work needing done but there is no getting away from it. If you leave installations which aren’t up to modern day standards they can be dangerous and can also lead to problems in the future.

These are only a few of the tips towards refurbishing an old house. You can find more tips on the Anglian Website.

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