5 Quick Tips to Add £5000 to the Value of Your Home

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If you’re planning to renovate or redecorate, it’s worth doing so with your property’s value in mind. And if you’re due to put your home on the market soon, you’re most likely thinking about how to best maximize value. Here are 5 quick and easy steps you can take to add a £5000+ value.

First Impressions Count

Create all-important kerb appeal by tidying the outside of your house, touching up paintwork, and dealing with issues such as broken guttering. Painting the front door in a strong colour, like dark blue or green gloss, is an excellent idea, as it gives the message that the house is well-maintained and well kept. Don’t forget to clean your windows, too!

Time commitment: 3-4 hours

Increase in value: up to £1,000+  (Yahoo Finance)

Tidy the Garden

This one is a bit “how long is a piece of string”, as gardens vary so much in both their size and stage of development. However, there’s a general consensus amongst estate agents that a well-kept garden can indeed add thousands to the value of your home. In terms of quick fixes, make sure there’s no rusty junk or toys cluttering up the space, remove any twee décor items such (think minimal as with interiors), and do some basic gardening like weeding and pruning.

Time commitment: 1 day for an average terraced-house garden – depending on current garden state!

Increase in value: up to £1,400 (Halifax)

Improve Kitchen Fittings

Rather than getting wrapped up in the time and money investment risk of a whole new kitchen, simply improve the superficial appearance of your current one. If it’s already in a reasonable condition, then deep cleaning, along with replacing worn handles, fittings and taps with sleek, modern ones will add value.

Time Commitment: up to 1 day

Increase in Value : £1000+ (Yahoo Finance)


If your décor is either a) a little tatty or b) rather colourful and personalized, then the old redecorating chestnut most certainly applies here. Painting it all white is cheap and simple, and, as we know, prospective buyers like neutral and minimal décor.

 Time commitment : a day or two

Increase in value : £3,229 average (HSBC)

Attention to Detail

As well as improving your kitchen fittings, sprucing up details like socket covers, light switches, light pulls and door handles are all things that create a pulled-together appearance and raise a property’s value. For light switches and socket covers especially, chrome or brushed aluminum fittings look really smart. They are often easy to replace yourself (remember to turn off the electricity at the circuit board first), but if not, you can buy the covers yourself and just pay an electrician their labour charge to fit them.

 Time commitment: up to 1 day.

Increase in value : up to £1,000 (HSBC)


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