5 Tips to help you Save Money When Going for a Loft Conversion

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For people living in metropolitans or big cities, where the prices of the properties are always going up, loft conversions can be quite advantageous. A simple loft conversion will give you some extra space that you can use for living, working, or simply storage purposes. Loft conversion is certainly not as costly as moving is, but it is after all a major expense, and you need to be extra cautious, because just like any other construction or home improvement project, you might end up squandering a lot of money if you are not careful.

Following are some simple tips that will help you save quite a lot on your loft conversion.

1. Know your Requirements:

Doesn’t matter if you are constructing a home from scratch, or going for home renovation, construction can be a costly business, so you should strictly be spending only on things that you really need. For example, in case of a loft conversion, if all you need is an extra room that you are looking to use as a study area, having a mansard style loft conversion wouldn’t be a good idea, because you can simply do with a simply dormer style conversion, which is less costly. Therefore, it is important that you know your requirements and stick to them, especially when the contractor or some loft conversion professional is trying to talk you into some over-the-top solution for your simple requirements.

2. Consult:

Once you know the requirements, it is important that you seek out advice from people in your community, who have had their loft or attics converted in recent past, or you can simply go out and talk to loft conversion professionals about your requirements and the possible solutions. Many a times, you will find some really handy advice from some of your acquaintances, not to forget the online communities or forums where you can post your question and you will get some useful advice more often than not.

3. Negotiate:

When you are about to hire the loft conversion company that will carry out the job, never make a final decision without assessing all possible options in the market. Remember that all of these companies will try to make it sound like they are the most cost effective and experienced people to take up the job, but you might be missing a real good deal just because you were lazy or impatient enough to tap in to the market, and check out with more than a couple of providers. If you do the due diligence, chances are that you will stumble across a provider who’s willing to do it at dirty cheap prices, so never finalize the deal without negotiating on price, a couple of hundred dollars saved by negotiations and market research can mean a lot in the end.

4. DO it yourself:

Well, we don’t mean that you should be doing the entire loft conversion on your own, unless you have got the time and experience to carry out all the tasks. However, there are many simple things that you can complete yourself, for example painting the walls.

5. Think Long Term:

While trying to cut costs by all possible means, it is important that you keep your requirements in mind. At times you might get so obsessed with saving the money that you will compromise on the safety, or living standards, getting so tight fisted can be counterproductive, because you might have to spend a lot more in future on fixing those loopholes, so it is important that you maintain the balance.

Bashir writes for Abbey Lofts North , which is a loft conversion company operating in Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, and London.

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