5 top tips for perking up a property before viewings

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Selling a home can be one of the most stressful, taxing times in a person’s life – particularly in today’s sluggish property market where it can take months for a home to find the right person. And so now more than ever, the importance of highlighting your home’s personality is integral in finding the right buyer.
But how best to impress visitors? Follow these 5 top tips and surely an offer for your homestead will not be far away.

1. First impressions count

Even before they arrive for an official viewing, potential buyers will enjoy their very own ‘first impression’ by simply driving up and checking out how your home looks from the outside. Is the front of your home looking fresh? Are your windows and doors clean? Have you pressure-washed your front steps? Before you know it buyers will have forged an opinion on your home – don’t let them catch you out!

2. Repair, repair, repair

Before the house goes on the market and interested parties come round to see it, it’s vital to ensure everything is in working order – from lights, switches and electrics to windows, shelves and doors. Don’t put off all those little DIY jobs anymore and help your home feel current and well kept.

3. Remove your personality from the home

It may sound harsh but if a prospective buyer visits a home and sees personal photos, pictures and specialist accessories, they will find it harder to envisage relaxing in the room, and they won’t see it having the potential to be their own space. Your home shouldn’t rely too much on buyer’s imagination and they may be put off a property if all they can see is your personality.

4. Speculate to accumulate

If you want your home to impress, you should be prepared to spend some money, even if it’s not significant amounts. New furniture can really impress visiting buyers and boost a property’s value as it gives homes a clean, fresh impetus – while you’ll still be able to take it with you to your new home.

5. Keep your garden looking good

A recent survey showed that 55% of buyers viewed the garden with the same level of importance as the inside of the house, so it’s impossible to overstate the importance of a good garden. Keeping your garden looking trim, as well as investing in modern garden lighting and stylish furniture, can only impress visiting viewers.
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