7 ways to make moving in stress-free

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Moving in to your new home – for some, the happy day, turns into a nightmare; for those lucky others, it all runs like clockwork. Here are seven ways that might make the world of difference by the ensuring that the big day passes as nearly as possible stress-free.

1. Planning

Like any campaign – and it might feel like one even before you get started! – planning well ahead can make the world of difference. If you know what should happen and when it should happen, you’re probably already a step or two ahead of the game;

2. Who does what

It might make a big difference, of course, exactly what stage of the housing stakes you have achieved. If this is your first new home, you might well get away on a wing and a prayer – a self-hired van, cardboard boxes from the local supermarket and an army of willing friends. Any further into the joys of home ownership and you’re more likely to call on the services of a removal company;

3. Choosing the removal company

It might be easier said than done, of course. In these days of the internet, you can probably find any number of companies in your area claiming to make moving in completely stress-free. Just as you would with any service-provider, however, recommendations from family, friends, or neighbours can help you strike gold;

4. Utilities

Probably the last thing you’ll want on the day you finally move into your new home is to find that you’re without light, gas, or a fixed telephone line. In other words, it’s back to the first of these tips about forward planning, to make sure that all that you need is right there just when you need it;

5. Keys!

It sounds pretty obvious in the sober light of day, of course, but in all the running around you don’t want to forget the keys to get into your new home – make sure that these are handed over in good time either by the vendor’s estate agent or by your solicitor;

6. Neighbours

With any luck, you’ll be knowing them and living in their company for a fair few number of years. It is worth spending more than a moment or two, therefore, in getting to know your neighbours at a very early stage in the process – it only takes a quick “hello” and it will be pretty obvious that you’re just moving in;

7. Food and drink

It might be one of the last things on your mind as the excitement builds around actually moving in, but at the end of a long, hard day, you’ll be glad of something to eat and drink in your new home.


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