A Brief Guide to Buying Second Hand Furniture

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Furnishing your home, especially for the first time, is an expensive business and, as in past times, people are once looking to the second hand market for the solution. For some people this is the only way a new home can be furnished but there are many for whom it is a choice. For the latter, finding those pieces from a bygone age has a certain cachet value and advice is widely available on how to make prized finds look good as new. Nowadays, because of tenancy laws, many homes come unfurnished and the second hand furniture market is a relatively inexpensive way of creating a comfortable home for those who are renting. Buy to let landlords, strapped for cash, are also turning to this market to keep costs down.
The novice to the second hand market has numerous options to equip a home. These include traditional second hand furniture shops, classified ads or auction rooms. Second hand white goods are also widely available but it is essential to check that these goods are guaranteed to be in working order. Where there is no such guarantee, the buyer could end up having to pay a hefty fee to dispose of large items such as fridges or washing machines.

Charities, such as Oxfam or the British Red Cross, have dedicated second hand furniture stores throughout the country and the Red Cross guarantee that all second hand household goods meet current health and safety standards. Auctions are a further option and pre sale viewings give purchasers the chance to inspect what is on offer before the auction. A general rule for those looking to purchase anything at auction is to decide on a price prior to the event and not go beyond that figure during the heat and speed of the sale. Goods sold at auction do not come with a guarantee so it is vital to examine earmarked purchases at the pre sale viewing stage.
It is possible to furnish a home at little or no cost. There are many recycling websites advertising free furniture, generally this applies if the items are collected from the donors home. In some cases, free delivery is offered within a reasonable radius of the donor’s location. Getting free goods can be a great opportunity for acquiring living room furniture, beds or other soft furnishing. Sofas, beds or armchairs can be restored by using foam cut to size resulting in a comfortable piece of furniture for a very low level of expenditure. Living room, kitchen or bedroom furniture can be given a new lease of life with new cushion foam, which restores the spring, depth and flexibility lost through time and usage. There is great satisfaction to be had from restoring an old piece of furniture and highly desirable pieces from a favoured decade returned to former glory is a mark of individuality and creativity not easily demonstrated in a home furnished from modern furnishing outlets.


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