Add Welcoming Brightness to Your Landscape by Landscape Lighting

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Landscaping helps make your home a beauty from the outside and makes it more valuable on the property front as well as appealing. It would be pity if all your front work was to be cloaked in darkness every night. Thus, having a proper set of landscape lighting will add a welcoming luster to your home even in the twilight hours. And it is not all about showcasing the plants and flowers you are growing but also about bringing out the best of your house architecturally and garden-wise. Besides, all it takes is the push of a button to light up your yard and showcase all your homemaking efforts.

The cost of landscape lighting installation has dipped and the safety standards have increased. If you don’t want to waste energy, then LED lighting can keep your conscience clean. With a good step down transformer, make the best of low volt lighting. But hardware isn’t enough. It’s the aesthetic tag that clichés it. To illustrate, you can create a lovely after sunset glow about your home with a bit of under lighting on trees and accent lights that focus on your home.

When lighting up your landscape area, focus on the flora as well as house facade. Bullet lights which face upward bring out the best of your house’s architecture and thus, when installing landscape lighting, keep in mind the overall picture.

Is LED a good idea?

LED lights are more durable and longer lasting than halogen bulbs. They also save energy as their efficiency ratings are higher and they also boast of low installation cost since the cables and transformers are smaller. Maintenance is thus reduced and so are the costs of operating these lights. Halogen bulbs are very much less priced since LEDs are almost eight times more expensive but performance takes a toll on their popularity.

Types and varieties of lighting

Landscape lighting can have a soft and subtle appeal like the Wash type has diffused glow and brightens flat areas like garden walls. For a cleaner look, the Well goes well as the bulb is beneath a waterproof case or housing fixed in your lawn or ground. It can light up the underside of colorful plants or light up the façade of an interesting looking wall. You can choose between swiveling or fixed bulbs. The Bullet on the other hand has bulbs giving of a narrow beam and is perfect for lighting up house features.

If you like the effect created by moonlight then Downlights are meant for you. They are installed on branches and are aimed to focus on lawn areas or tree foliage. Copper or brass are the best housing for such lights. Repairs are an irksome task considering the height they are mounted at. For more focused lighting, opt for flood lights that are able to give a larger beam of light even when compared to the Bullet type. If there are many tall trees in your landscape, this type of light should help light them up.


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