Adding Value To Your Family Home

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What does your home mean to you? It’s a very interesting question that can really show you how attached you are to your home. If you’ve spend most of your life or a fair few years in your home then it can be hard to part with it should you need to expand. But you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s become extremely common for people to renovate their homes over selling or leaving them. Adding value to your home isn’t just good for your family life but is also a great investment for the future. We live in an age where house prices change frequently and sporadically, they go up and down and this can seriously affect the decisions you make.


Adding an extra room, for example, is a great investment as it’s fairly timeless and will always help to increase the home value. A 4 bedroom house will always cost more than a 3 bedroom house, so adding the extra living space can really help in the long run. You don’t even have to build any walls, you can use the space you already have to create a new room such as using a disused garage or loft. Can’t afford a new room? Not a problem! You can increase the valuation of your home with cheaper alternatives such as replacing the carpets, painting the walls and just giving the place a deep clean.


As you can see from the below graphic by Fit My Bedroom, there are lots of ways to increase the value of your home without having to totally break the bank. The most popular renovation on the list below is unsurprisingly updating the good old family kitchen. It’s natural to want to update or upgrade a room that you use frequently over adding new space that will ultimately go unused. So, how much money could you be missing out on?




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