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We gets lots of requests for guest posts, so we have made this page to help you understand what out posting guidelines are.

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Extra-Helpful Basics

  • Please include an author bio with your guest post, and make it fun and interesting.
  • You may include a link or two in your post, if said links are relevant and point to material that is of value to our readership.
  • Affiliate links are not permitted.
  • We’ll take care of finding a nice photo to match to your post – no need to send one in, but they are appreciated
  • Submit your posts in Word .doc format.
  • Please credit all sources, assets and use common sense.
  • Your post must be original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere.

Contact Us

Please use the form on the right to suggest your ideas for a guest article. Let us know your ideas for the article and then we can go from there!

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