Are you a hoarder?

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The signs that someone may be dealing with a hoarding issue may not be immediately obvious. Becoming a hoarder doesn’t happen to someone all at once. At first he may be hesitant to throw out old furniture or books. After all, you never know when a family member may need a kitchen table or when those old books could be worth a small fortune. Next, he will start to amass a peculiar collection like newspapers or magazines.  Next thing you know you can’t walk through his living room because the floors are piled high with papers, trinkets and even trash. That’s when you know that your mom, dad, sibling or friend is dealing with a hoarding issue.

While cable TV shows have turned hoarding into entertainment, for the people affected it can become a serious social, financial and health problem. If you know someone that is dealing with a hoarding problem it is not too late for him to get help. Contact a doctor today.

Do you know someone that may be a hoarder? Take this Hoarder Quiz from today

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