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Kingston upon Thames lies just 12 miles away from central London, bustling with a vivid shopping splendor and a culturally rich tradition. It was once an ancient market town ruled under the crowned Saxon kings, is now the second smallest London Borough following the City of London.

Living in Kingston is a sheer delight with array of leisure facilities for everyone, be it a fellow traveler or the residents of this unique suburb. More recently, it has been an ideal destination for students or anyone who is being newly settling in England. Being close to London, certainly gives this suburb its location advantage. Moreover, many singles find Kingston overwhelming with several trails, walks, and cycle routes well connecting the most scenic stretches of River Thames to the nearby Richmond and Hampton Court.


The best features of Kingston

What I found the best feature of this vivid bustling suburb is its ideal location. Kingston has a riverside location, and nothing else can beat that. In fact, it’s purely picturesque environment is certainly relaxing and mind soothing. Whether you are a single, or living with your family, Kingston is sure to take your breath away with its three miles River Thames stretch, perfect for indulging you in all your walking, running, or cycling trails. As such, Kingston exudes natural beauty.

Kingston has always been my favorite retail heaven. Apart from being UK’s seventh largest retail centre, it also boasts of historical locations such as the Bentall Centre, Market Place, Old London Road, the High Street, Eden Walk, and John Lewis, which were favorites amongst several established retail merchants and trading grounds for many connoisseurs.

The most essential attribute to make a good and easy living, lies in the transportation facility of any place. Likewise, Kingston has excellent transportation facilities, in par with the one inherent in the City of London. Moreover, Kingston is well connected to several significant landmarks. Kingston is only 25 minutes away from London Waterloo, and 12 miles away from downtown London.


More recently, Kingston has been home for several students. A leading London University has its campus and building set up in the exuberance of vivid Kingston. Apart from the university, a lot of educational wealth is poured in and around Kingston, rendering wisdom to students from all walks of life.

Kingston has the lowest crime rates in London, and that certifies it as an ideal place for safe living.


Sightseeing in Kingston

A subtle mix of entertainment and cultural heritage makes Kingston a place enriched with bustling energy. Some of the places not to be missed, while in Kingston:

  • The Rose Theater (900 seat circular auditorium)
  • The Rotunda (an impressive entertainment complex)
  • Kingston guided Tour (every Sunday for just £3.00)
  • Town Center
  • Thames riverside
  • Thames Sailing Club
  • Kingston Rowing Club
  • Crack Comedy Club ( a global standup comedy favorite)
  • Riverside Vegetaria ( Britain’s best veggie restaurant as per the Vegetarian Society)
  • Jamie’s Italian (Italian dining perfectly located near the river and the Rose Theater)
  • The Druid’s Head (the first taverns to make the famous dessert ‘syllabub’ in the 18th century)
  • The Grey Horse and Ram Jam Club (To quench all your desire pertaining to live music, enjoy comedy and the latest movies)
  • Cappadocia (Authentic Turkish cuisine)


Apart from entertainment, Kingston is popular for nature trails and park. As such, the Hogsmill Valley, Clattern Bridge, Canbury Gardens, Richmond Park, and the Bushy Park cannot be certainly missed. Kingston is a beautiful place which ought to be experienced than read about. So pack your bags and get ready to breathe in the exotic splendor of Mother Nature!


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