Build an Environmentally Friendly Home Quickly and Cheaply with a Log Cabin Kit

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It is possible to build a beautiful, environmentally friendly home, quickly and cheaply using a high quality log cabin kit.

The housing market has seen many changes in the last few decades. One of the biggest changes has been the shift to make energy efficient homes that have low impact on the environment. As land prices have risen there is greater emphasis on keeping the price of the build low.

From just £17,000 you can buy a complete high quality residential log cabin kit that you can assemble into a lovely family home. The kit comes with everything you need to build the home, including double glazed windows and doors. The construction process is straightforward and can be done with two people working with just screwdrivers, hammers and a utility knife for cutting the final trim. This top of the range four bedroom, two bathroom home costs less than £58,000.

Log cabin kit benefits

  • Easy to assemble with minimal tools
  • Can be constructed in days
  • Double glazed high quality doors and windows supplied as standard
  • All parts are pre-cut with the latest CNC mills
  • The cabin walls have a cavity which you can fill with your choice of insulation material, giving a very energy efficient home
  • Wood is a renewable material which has low impact on the environment
  • The walls can be treated or painted as you wish, giving a great choice of colours and finishes

Why log cabins make great homes

As log cabins are made from wood they give a beautiful ambience. The smells and textures of the wood are perfect for making a relaxing family home, the perfect place to raise children, or to retire. Not only is the wood environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but insulation can easily be added at construction making the entire building very energy efficient.

Kids love log cabins. To them it feels like they are always somewhere special. Your visitors will be impressed and relaxed whenever they stop over. With a four bedroom log cabin home you will always have space for visitors to stay.

There is a proud feeling when you tell people you have built your own home, and that is a feeling that will remain with you forever.

The construction process

Construction a log cabin home is straightforward.

The first stage is to make a concrete base for the building to stand on. This is straightforward and can be done in a day.
The log cabin kit consists of timbers which are interlocked creating the walls.
Gaps and left in the walls for the doors and windows. These are slotted in and secured.
The roof beams are slotted into place, the roofboards added, and the roofing material added to the very top.
Treat the outside of the building with your favourite preservative or paint.
Fit your kitchen and bathroom of choice.
Move in and enjoy your beautiful family home.

Other types of log cabins

Homes are the biggest log cabin buildings, but there is a fantastic selection of smaller buildings with many uses. The most popular use of log cabin kits are for summerhouses and other garden buildings. If you work from home you can add a great garden office from just £2,000. Or how about a relaxing and inspirational garden studio? Beautiful double and triple garages can be easily added to your property in just a few days.

Where to buy a log cabin kit

South West Log Cabins have been designing, supplying and building log cabins in the UK for more than 20 years. They have an incredible range of high quality and well priced log cabin kits for all applications. Visit their website to find the best cabin for you and your family.

With proper care a log cabin will last a lifetime.

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