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The British have always been interested in buying property abroad either as a permanent relocation or as a second home which they would use to holiday in and help generate a useful second income for the family. Although for many years Spain has probably been the most popular amongst the British, France has always been there or thereabouts. This has become even more so with the opening of the channel tunnel / euro star and cheap flights between the two countries being readily available.

France has always been a favourite amongst the British who are looking to invest in  French property as the various French cuisine and delicacies are a big hit and the weather is normally heaps better than that of the UK. There is a really good mix of cultures and it isn’t just the older couples that are looking to move over and retire now but also the young who will commute back to the UK for work, work remotely or base their work in France, again dependant on their circumstances.

However, there is one big reason for the Brits opting to buy properties in France and that is for financial reasons. It is a well know fact that property in France is considerably cheaper than that in the UK and can be even cheaper if you are prepared to buy properties that need some time and love spent on them to bring them back to their original state.

If you are one of these people that are considering buying a property in France then please make sure you do your homework on all fronts as with the way the current economy is across the world you need to ensure that you have all basis covered and don’t leave yourself facing financial ruin to fund your dream move. A big plus however, is that so far the French appear to be in control of their own economy and haven’t really been affected too much by the credit crunch – unlike other countries throughout Europe. That isn’t too say that it might not change though – so please use your due diligence.

Finally when searching for your property you will need to ensure that you are aware that apartments are basically sold as is – i.e. the kitchen will be empty – you are just buying a shell! Also things work slightly different in France as when you make an offer for a property you have to sign a legally binding form that stops you pulling out of purchasing the property barring any hidden problems.

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