Can Cavity Wall Insulation Make a House Into a Home?

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When you move into a new house it often takes some take to warm to it. In my experience it doesn’t become a home until you can walk unaided from your bed to the bathroom without switching on the lights and without stubbing your toe on an unexpected wall.

There are also some ways of making a property more homely which are worth considering if your new place still hasn’t grown on you yet. I have lived in quite a few different houses in the past so I decided to have a think about what I did differently in the houses which seem to hold some sort of special attraction for me.

Make It Cosier

Cavity wall insulation doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing that could turn a pile of bricks into a home, does it? Well, with this point it isn’t necessarily the insulation itself which makes the difference but rather the effect. A warm and cosy house will win over your affections a lot more quickly than a cold one. There are lots of little things you can do to improve the cosiness factor, and this includes ideas like making sure that draughts don’t get in under the door and painting it a more welcoming colour. By increasing the energy efficiency of property you will be saving money but at the same time you will be giving yourself somewhere lovely and inviting to go home to each day. There is nothing better than arriving at your street, seeing a cosy looking property and realising that it is yours to relax in.

Add Some Memories

The more you do in your house the more it will become lodged in your mind as your home. If you spend a lot of time there anyway then this shouldn’t really be an issue. However, if you tend not to pass much time in your house then you might need to make an effort. I would suggest cooking a lot and spending time reading in the garden as simple ways of reinforcing your image of the property as your space in the world. Maybe you would prefer to host parties there or take a lot of pictures of it. Whatever approach you choose you should think about how to make the property part of your favourite memories of the future.

Personalise It

I mentioned some home improvements to make it cosier but what about the changes which make it look more like your house? Even if you are no good at DIY I would suggest putting up paintings you have picked, adding some new lamps and painting the walls. If you are a dab hand at DIY then the sky is the limit as far as the jobs you can do around the place.

Share It

If you live alone then it make take longer for you to feel anything special towards the house you are in. I have always found that inviting people over helps me settle into a new place. I am not quite sure why that is. Maybe it is something to do with what I said earlier about building memories but I think it goes deeper than that. I think it might also be something to do with taking pride in where you live and showing it off to other people. I guess that if you do this then you will probably also spend time personalising it and making it look as good as possible. Hearing some nice comments about it from the lips of others is also sure to make you feel good about your new home.

To make a start on making a house into a cosy home you will find some great tips on the site.

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