Cheap Gas And Electricity – How To Save Money During The Summer

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Cheap Gas And Electricity - How To Save Money During The Summer

When it is warm outside, very few people want to remain indoors. However, even when you are outdoors on a sunny day, you can take actions to earn cheap gas and electricity bills. In fact, here are 9 ways to save money during the summer:

1. Analyse your energy usage.

One of the best ways to know exactly where you stand with energy consumption is to analyse your energy usage. It is very important that you go through your household and see what is being used and how you can reduce usage to save money. For instance, you can:
* Switch out incandescent lightbulbs for fluorescent lightbulbs
* Unplug appliances that are not being used
* Turn off appliances that are not being used (or put them into standby mode)
* Update your appliances to energy efficient models
Many gas and electricity suppliers give free energy meters to their customers to help them keep track of their energy usage. Luckily, you can still purchase energy meters for relatively cheap if you do not qualify.

2. Regularly do your own meter readings.

If you want to save money throughout the year, reading your own meter and submitting your usage can be a great help. With the practice, you will not have to worry about paying for more than what you actually use. Your findings can also be used to get you a refund if you overpaid.

3. Collect rainwater.

If you love to do gardening, collecting rainwater to tend to your plants is an excellent way of saving money on your gas and electricity bills. All you need to do is keep buckets outside on your property to collect water whenever it rains. Not only can you use rainwater to water your plants, but wash cars, give pets baths, and more.

4. Wash your car less.

There is really no need for you to keep your vehicle sparkling clean all of the time. By reducing the number of times you wash your car at home, you will reduce your energy use. However, if you do need to wash your car, you can find cheap car washes. To be especially kind to the environment, you can find car washes that recycle the water.

5. Wash your pets outdoors.

When you wash your pets, make sure to do it outdoors on patches of land that need watering. By doing so, you will be able to use less water to accomplish more (therefore saving more money on your energy bills).

6. Plan more outdoor activities.

If you spend less time in the house, you will ultimately spend less energy. By planning activities outside of the home, such as picnics, walks, or trips, you will not use as much gas and electricity. However, just make sure that your lights and appliances are turned off when you leave the house to conserve the most energy.

7. Avoid using sprinklers.

If you want to help keep your energy bills down, you should avoid using sprinklers on your lawn. You should also consider purchasing wading pools for your children instead of letting them play in the sprinklers. By using wading pools, you will be able to conserve energy and water while allowing the children to play outside and keep cool even longer.

8. Use a timer for your outdoor lights.

If you have outdoor lighting, you can use timers to help save time and money. By adjusting your timers accordingly throughout the year, you will ensure that you are not wasting more energy with changes between the seasons.

9. Use solar energy.

If you have a yard, you can easily keep it lit using solar energy lights. By using solar energy, you will not have to worry about your gas and electricity bills going up. For people that feel particularly bold, solar panels can even be used to supply energy to sheds or garages or run small appliances and lawn equipment.
With these 9 ways to save money during the summer, it will be much easier for you to earn cheap gas and electricity bills. Just remember to follow the best energy conservation practices at all times to best save the environment and keep your bills low.


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