Cheap Ways to Get Your House Ready for Selling

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A home is the most valuable asset that most people will ever sell, making it extremely important not to miss any opportunities to raise the home’s value. There are a number of inexpensive improvements that a homeowner can make to the property that will not only increase its value but may shorten the time that it takes to sell the property as well. Here are four cost-effective ways to get a house ready for selling.

1. Survey Report

A survey of the home conducted by a professional surveyor on behalf of the seller can give valuable information about which parts of the home need the most attention when it comes to repairs. The detailed survey will not only rate the overall condition of the property but will also pinpoint the features most in need of repair. An RICS approved Home Condition Survey report can be a useful tool when budgets are limited, allowing homeowners to focus their attention on the aspects of their homes that homebuyers are most likely to notice.

2. The First Impression

When readying a home for selling, it’s critical to remember that homebuyers begin their assessment before crossing the home’s threshold. Homeowners should do all that they can to ensure that the home looks attractive and fresh from the kerb to the door. Because bright colours naturally attract the eye, the most affordable way to enhance the front garden is with inexpensive annuals that can be grouped to present a colourful display.  Steven Way, Principal of Collier Stevens Chartered Surveyors says “recently maintained property with a well decorated exterior always gives a good impression and gets our survey off to a good start, if we have to leapfrog bin liners, dogs and overgrown plants to get to the front door we already form an impression of the rest of the home – and we’re not the one’s buying it!”

3. Home Staging Strategies

One of the most affordable strategies that homeowners can employ to ready a home for sale is to place much of their furniture and personal belongings into storage until the sale is completed. Rooms cluttered with furniture and personal mementos make it hard for homebuyers to picture themselves at home in the property.  Steven Way says that he has seen homes with doors removed to make the rooms look bigger – especially small third bedrooms “it’s amazing, but more often than not when we tell a buyer the door is missing they haven’t even noticed” he says.

Taking cues from theatrical productions, homeowners can stage the interior of their homes to present the space to its best advantage. Window coverings can be removed to make the most of natural light. Rugs can be taken up to expose wood flooring. A fresh coat of paint applied to all the central living areas makes the entire space feel spacious and cohesive.  Surveyors say that photographs make an important difference to how a home is perceived.

4. Cleaning Standards

Homebuyers are not guests. They won’t hesitate to inspect every cabinet, closet and corner for cleanliness and order. Homeowners should take extra care to clean areas that a normal household cleaning routine might miss, including plumbing connections and utility equipment in attics and basements.


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