Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Design for Rental Properties

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In order to make a property attractive to potential tenants, you need to ensure that they feel instantly at home when they view it and that they have absolutely no difficulty imagining themselves living in it for an extended period of time. The best way to achieve this aim is to ensure that the key areas in the property are well designed and decorated. As far as comfort is concerned, perhaps the most important area in any residential rental unit is the bathroom. It is for this reason that I am going to take a look at how you can choose the most suitable bathroom designs in this article and how the right design can make your rental properties more desirable. Take a look at the following list of points to consider.

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Design for Rental Properties

  • Your target audience – before you can settle on a suitable design for the bathrooms in your rental houses and apartments, you need to be sure what type of tenants you are trying to attract. Single people and young unmarried couples, for example, will have very different priorities to married couples with children when it comes to the layout of a bathroom and the furniture that it contains. They may also have different tastes as far as the décor is concerned although this is usually more dependent on personal preferences than marital status. Older couples will have different needs to both of these types of tenants; you may well need to consider installing a bathroom suite that is especially designed for senior citizens if this is the demographic that you are targeting.


  • Fashions – every person has their own preferences when it comes to colour schemes and the style of bathroom furniture that they like but it is fair to say that most people’s choices in this area of home décor are heavily influenced by fashion too. This means that if you want to make sure that your rental properties remain attractive to prospective tenants, you may have to update the bathrooms on a regular basis. An aubergine bath and shower cubicle may be all the rage one year but they could be little more than an outdated embarrassment a few years into the future. If you are not keen on the idea of redecorating and furnishing your bathrooms every few years, one alternative is to choose a classic design that is more likely to stand the test of time. Clean lines, a white suite and plain chrome taps should all look good whatever the prevailing trends may be.


  • Efficiency – something that it is important not to forget when furnishing and decorating rental properties is energy efficiency. Tenants may love the large sash windows that are often to be found in older houses but they will certainly not appreciate the high utility bills they have to pay because the draughty old rooms in such properties are so expensive to heat during the winter months. If you are renting out period homes to couples with young children, bear in mind that they are likely to appreciate any efforts you make to minimise the running costs of your properties. Efficient and reliable power showers, modern double glazing and carpeted floors can all help to make a bathroom far more inviting in the wintertime, without costing your tenants a penny extra in heating bills.


  • Cost – most landlords are in the business of letting properties in order to make a profit so it is reasonable to assume that cost is going to figure high in your list of factors to consider when choosing new bathroom furnishings. However, it is not always wise to simply buy the cheapest items you can find. Investing a little extra in more attractive, high quality furnishings could make it much easier to find suitable tenants and the extra cost will easily be recouped if your properties are occupied for more months of the year than they otherwise would be.


  • Convenience – if you have a handyman who works on all your properties and you would rather not hire anybody else, you will need to choose fixtures and fittings that he is capable of installing without any problems. Whoever you are planning to hire to help refurbish your bathrooms, try to keep a lid on your enthusiasm when evaluating possible layouts and avoid any that may require you to make an awful lot of alterations to your properties. Tenants that are interested in your rental units will not be impressed if they have to wait many months before they can move in and the sight of builders at work is never a good sign as far as most potential tenants are concerned.


The main thing to bear in mind when choosing bathroom designs for rental homes is that they should appeal primarily to your tenants and not necessarily to yourself. 

Madeline Varley is writing on behalf of Venesta, a business with 100 years of design and innovation under its belt. They are specialists when it comes to cubicle systems.


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