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When you set out to move home, but especially if you are also looking to buy a home, you are more than likely to have hundreds of things to do. It therefore might be easy to lose sight of the fact, that you may need the services of a removal company to take you from your present property to the new one.

Its actually amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate.

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Though its easy to lose sight of that need for a removal company, planning well in advance can certainly pay dividends – both in terms of the financial cost and the stress and worry that hastily-arranged removal and packing might involve;

  • One of the reasons for planning ahead, of course, is that there is likely to be a huge number of removal companies to choose from. Finding the right one for you might take a little time;
  • Although you can do your own research to find the movers that best suit you, a recommendation from friends or family who have used and been pleased with a particular company in the past might count for a good deal;
  • Whether choosing by recommendation or following your own searches, however, you are almost certainly going to want a minimum of three quotes to help ensure that you are getting the best value for money;
  • Of course you don’t want to be paying over the odds, but neither do you want the cheapest, fly-by-night, cowboys! Membership of the National Guild of Removers and Storers or the British Association of Removers might serve as your guide to the most reputable and reliable companies;
  • Nevertheless, even the most established companies are likely to have some flexibility when it comes to pricing your move, especially if you have planned ahead sufficiently to do a little negotiating on the cost of removals;
  • Planning ahead may also help take into account not only your own scheduled completion date for the move, but also the removal company’s own timetable – good ones are understandably popular and might be booked up at least several weeks in advance

When it comes down to it, you may be surprised by just how much you have to move. What might have seemed like just a few self-packed boxes and a few sticks of furniture, could turn out to be a whole household of accumulated belongings. The temptation to do your own packing and organising a self-hire van might well be seen in a quite different light when you’ve taken a long, hard look at all that the removal company’s service has to offer;
Whether you opt for the services of a professional removal company or decide to do the job yourself, however, you might want to remember the importance of ensuring that all your worldly goods are adequately insured.

Its also helpful that when you have moved house that you take the small amount of time that it takes to use that new broadband connection ( thats a whole other post ) and write a review of your estate agent here


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