Decluttering Your Home Helps Sell Your Home Faster

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Removing junk from your living space provides a sense of accomplishment. If it piles up, it can become a health or fire hazard. Outdated items will not be shifted to storage bins somewhere in a back room or garage. They can be useful to someone else. There are different ways to remove junk from your life.

Removing Indoor Junk

Separate the items you no longer want into different piles. Items that are still useful such as dishes, kitchenware, working electronics, clothing, toys and so forth can be sold at a yard sale. You will get rid of items you no longer need and collect some cash at the same time. It will pay to advertise your garage sale on social media such as Craigslist or in the local newspaper. Depending on where you live, you might need to obtain a yard sale permit from your local city ordinance board. You can also call a junk removal company, but the goal is for you to make money.

Leftover items can be donated to charity. Some charities will come and pick up items such as furniture and clothing. You may need to give twenty-four hours notice. You gain free space and needy people will receive necessary items.

The second pile should be reserved for true trash. Clothing that is beyond wearable, broken electronics and unusable items should go into a trash can. You do not have to rent a dumpster unless that is necessary. One or two large trash bags can go out a week until the pile is gone.

Removing Outdoor Junk

Outdoor junk includes old cars, lawn equipment, planters and trash dumped on a property. Bad tenants, prior owners and more can trash a property for no good reason. Cleaning it up does not have to be a daunting task.

Again, create the two piles. You may need to rent a dumpster, depending on the amount of trash exists on the property. Usable items and unusable items can be removed quickly using the internet. Not everything has to be given away free. For example, many items such as old cars are collectible. Listing an item under “OBO,” also known as “or best offer,” can garner a good sale. It will pay to know what items are selling for before you list them online.

Freecycle is a site that helps many people get rid of unwanted items. If scrap metal has been dumped on a property, there are people who pick it up and turn it in for cash. They will be more than happy to clear the property for you in exchange for exclusive rights.

It is not hard to rid yourself of junk. You can apply the same principals to helping friends, neighbors and relatives. If he or she is having trouble deciding what to place in the yard sale or giveaway pile, a counselor may be needed. Remind the person that it is better to have cash than junk.

Your life will be freer without extra items piling up. You do not need to go shopping to fill the extra space you will gain. The sense of accomplishment you will gain from getting rid of all that junk is priceless.

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