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If you are looking to sell your property then you need to maximize your chances of getting a buyer quickly and for the best possible price.   You could well end up with a far lower offer on your property than what is  truly worth, if you do not bother to re-decorate where necessary and make the most of your property.   Always remember that first impressions count and also that your taste may not be the same as any potential purchasers, so never forget that neutral decor always works best.

When decorating a property, firstly ensure that the outside of your property is looking the best it can possible be. Why not go outside your property and have a careful look at it from the buyer’s viewpoint. Simple improvements can aid a sale; such as a new coat of paint on the front door. If your property does not look attractive from the front, potential buyers will simply take one look and decide to not bother carrying on with the viewing.

A tip for when you are showing potential buyers around the house, every time let the potential buyers go into the room ahead of you and not stand in the way.  By doing this the potential buyers will get the full impact of the room’s decoration, potential and size.  Generally people want to purchase the house and be able to move straight in and not have to redecorate because either the house is in poor repair or the decor is not to their taste. Therefore it is well worth taking the extra effort to make the decoration appealing to as many people as possible.

Remember that all rooms should be in first rate condition. 

Once you have finished decorating in neutral colours, always ensure that there is no paint left on any of the light switches or electrical sockets.  This may seem petty but many people can be put off by this and you should remove this with a filling blade or scraper.  If you have children they could have stuck stickers on the doors or windows so these should be removed, washed and maybe even re-painted. Both the kitchen and bathrooms will need to be cleaned from top to bottom and if your bathroom or kitchen is small, it is often a good idea to re-decorate them in light colours or all over white.

Your carpets and other furnishings will need to be 100 percent clean, so you should use a carpet cleaning professional, or alternatively rent the cleaning equipment from a hire shop.

Finally once you have dealt with the decorating, a few other points; 

  • Remove all clutter including any family photos that you may have hanging up
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • Gardens should be neat and tidy.  If you have decking in your garden make sure that it is not damaged and ideally apply a new coat of preservative; decking can be a very good selling point.
  • And last but by no means least; ensure all maintenance items have been attended to.

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