Don’t Let Your Boiler Break Down

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Summer is on its last legs and the last rays of sunshine (ahem!) appear to shining through the looming clouds of the Autumn season. The warm weather we have (debatably) received over the past few months will soon be a distant memory and as the first cold winds of the year set in, we will be seen to be either investing in the highest quality thermal clothing we can lay our hands on or cowering inside our homes and singing our praises for the bright mind that drew up and created the concept of central heating.

Yes, central heating, the saviour of our winters; the thing that makes getting out of bed on a cold winters morning bearable; the thing that makes you put your foot down on the journey home just to get out of the fresh winter air. That is, until it breaks down.
If you have never encountered the situation where a boiler breaks down at a time when it is probably most needed, then someone up there must like you. It’s a nightmare for anyone, especially those such as the elderly who are most at risk. The worst thing about it is that aside from phoning a repair company and waiting there is not a lot you can do until it gets fixed. Boilers need to be fixed by a Gas Safe registered engineer due to the rules and legislations that go hand in hand with them. So unfortunately those fancying themselves as Handy Andy have to put down the drill and monkey wrench and leave it to the professionals.
So you get the point, the boiler breaking down is definitely not a good thing and something you should do whatever you can to avoid. What can you do to make sure this situation doesn’t happen?
Firstly, get your boiler checked regularly. It is generally quite hard to damage a boiler (mainly due to the lack of contact you actually have with it). Much of the damage the boiler accrues over its life is natural and therefore pretty much unavoidable. However, getting your boiler checked regularly can flag up any natural wear and tear that your boiler encounters so could stop future problems.
As well as wear and tear, boilers will pick up dirt and dust over time so a good clean at the annual service will do it the world of good. Hunting around online can flag up some good solutions here which are well worth the investment considering the problems a faulty boiler can bring.


Michael Townley

This blog post is written by Michael Townley, an industry expert in boiler and tank cleaning.

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