Ensuring A Stress Free House Move

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Follow these tips to ensure you have a pain free move!
By breaking down large jobs into smaller manageable tasks you can eliminate a lot of the stress.
2 months to go
Offers have been accepted but whilst you are still to confirm dates there tasks you can start to help oil the wheels.
o    Decide how you will be moving – is this something you can manage yourself by hiring a van or will you need help from the professionals?  Now is the time to start getting quotes and making decisions.  If using a firm, make sure they are insured and confirm at what points in the move are they liable for your possessions.  It’s also a good idea to check references.
o    Decide what is worth moving and what needs to be re-homed!  Go through each of your rooms in turn and dispose and recycle anything you no longer need or use.  By clearing out all of your unwanted items now you will have less items to move and less clutter in your new home.
o    If you are packing your home without the help of the professionals you will need to start collecting boxes.  Your local shop keepers and supermarkets are usually more than happy to donate their unwanted packing boxes.
o    It’s finally time to face whatever is lurking at the bottom of the freezer!  Start to use up your frozen food.  Cupboard staples can be stored and moved but it will be easier to buy more when you get to your new home than transport a cupboard full of tins so keep your food shop to the basics and use up your supplies.
6 weeks to go
o    If you are purchasing new furniture for your new home now is the time to do it.
o    If you need to book annual leave with your employer so do, you will need a few days to get organised as well as the move day.
o    Line up baby sitters, pet sitters and help for the big day.
4 weeks to go
o    Start packing your non essential items and keep in mind having to unpack them at your new home.  It is useful to mark up each box to make life a little easier when you get round to unpacking.
o    Make sure you have building and contents insurance in place for your new home.  Also check what cover you have in place for your possessions whilst they are in transit/storage.
o    If your children are school age you will need to confirm dates with both the new and old schools
o    Speak to your broadband/phone/TV supplier/s and confirm if they can supply to your new address.
2 weeks to go
o    Its time to up your game with the packing!  Anything you can live without for two weeks can now be packed.
o    Notify your financial suppliers – bank, credit card, pension etc.  Don’t forget you may also need to register with a new doctor and dentist.  You will also need to change the address on your TV licence.
o    Set up your post redirect.  This can take up to a week to process so consider doing it now.
The Night Before
Pack an overnight bag for each family member that includes toiletries, nightwear, a change of clothes and bedding.  You will at least have the basics to hand to get you through the night and the following day.
It’s also a great idea to have an essential kitchen box…kettle, teabags, pint of milk and a bottle of wine (don’t forget the corkscrew!!).  Now is a good time to defrost the freezer.
A toolkit will also be very handy both for dismantling items and rebuilding them when you arrive.  Things to keep to hand can include a screw driver, tape, light bulbs and anything else you think you may need.
Make sure your mobile is fully charged and that you have the essential numbers stored – removal firm, estate agent, baby sitter etc.

This guest post has been written by John Wrigley on behalf of whcoxremovals.co.uk.

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