Essential Tips for Moving Up the Property Ladder

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The buying or selling of a home is invariably one the most important transactions in your life. You will likely have a huge personal stake in the proceedings, not only financially but emotionally. On this all home owners, or prospective home owners will agree. With so many factors to consider it is easy to lose sight of what is important. These tips will help you focus and help you get the most out of your upcoming move.

Knowing Your budget.

Without a doubt this is the most vital issue to consider. It is good to know your price range at the beginning of the process – it can be very disheartening to set your heart on a property only to find out that it’s just too expensive. As such, the first things to do are: get in contact with your mortgage advisor and if you are already a home owner get your house appraised. Don’t be afraid to get your property valued by multiple real estate agents, you may be surprised at how much estimations vary.

Finding a Home

The key here is to put the time and effort in, the more you put in the more you will get out. When you find a home that appeals make sure to research the area thoroughly, if you have children or are planning to have children make sure the neighbourhood is right for them. Check how long your commutes are, if there is a landmark that you are particularly drawn towards get in contact with the council and ask about their future plans (it can’t hurt to ask). If you find a property that you love but is a little out of your price range don’t be embarrassed about putting a low bid in, again it can’t hurt to ask.

Preparing Your Home

You may not get as many chances as you might like so it is vital that you make your property as impressive as possible. When preparing your house for a viewing it is important to be cynical about every inch, you want your home to possess an obsessive sheen to it. As well as the obvious things such as vacuuming and polishing, you may also want to consider more permanent commitments such as repainting rooms (neutral colours are most unobjectionable). Experts suggest that you hide your “junk” and personal effects (such as photos and mementos), this makes it easier for people to see themselves living there. Also try not to neglect your garden, however modest it may be, a few simple potted flowers and a freshly mowed lawn can go a long way.

Selling Your Home

Again it is vital to be patient here. Selling a home can be painfully difficult and at time downright depressing. It is likely that you won’t get an offer at the asking price immediately, and as time goes by you may become desperate enough to accept a low bid. Your estate agent may even pressure you to take one of these insulting offers. However, it is important to note that the additional month it might take to find an offer that is £10,000 is only equivalent to roughly an extra £150 for your estate agent. So be aware that your estate agents incentives are not necessarily in your best interest.  While selling your home the best advice is just to be vigilant; if you have followed the previous steps correctly you will get a decent bid eventually.


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Jacob Catt is writing on behalf of cheltenham solicitors who provide accredited conveyancing services at competitive prices.

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