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Both selling and letting a house can prove complicated to someone with little experience in property, which most likely includes most of us. Therefore making use of the services of an estate agent (for selling / buying) or a letting agent (for Letting/renting) will make the process much smoother since they bring their professional expertise and experience to the table. a good Estate / Letting agent will ensure you get the price you want when you sell, and manage your tenants and their contracts. There are many estate/letting agents of varying quality and standards to choose from. How do you find the one who will be best for you?

What can an estate agent do for you?

– Use their great familiarity with the property market to your benefit.

– Know about the properties in your local area, including the prices they sell at and the people who purchase them.

– Understand the conditions in the local market as well as the national market.

– Find potential buyers from their list of clients who are looking for properties.

– Read buying signals.

Do not underestimate and estate agents knowledge both locally in terms of the property market and in their broader network. The most successful estate agents work really hard for their clients and they understand the need for both a quick sale and a good market rate.

What can a letting agent do for you?

– Promote your property to potential tenants in your area.

– Apply their knowledge of the local area and who rents properties there.

– Organise viewings for prospective tenants.

– Handle negotiations regarding rent and contract details.

A good letting agent has a natural eye and they really can help you find your next home in amazingly efficient ways, add to that they can rent a property and can even take away all the paperwork pain and the fee’s to have their professional help and guidance really are negligible.

What makes a good estate agent or letting agent?

– Good communication skills

– A diplomatic and tactful manner, since they may need to break bad news.

– Very organised.

– Ability to manage different stages of the process and ensure that all parties are on track.

– Ability to deal with people who are being difficult.

– In control of affairs, and able to keep them running smoothly.


How do you choose an estate or letting agent?

– Find an agent who has been in business for a long time.

– Choose one who has experience in your particular market.

– Research several agencies in the local area – which ones grab your attention?

– Find an agent with long opening hours or who is available at a particular time of the day to suit you, for example in the evenings.

– Investigate their online presence. They should be listed on important property sites so as to be seen by as many potential buyers or tenants as possible.

– Choose agents who are active. Does the office seem to be busy?

Do your research and you will not go far wrong and then remember to share your experience with us it just takes a few minutes out to write your own estate agent or letting agent review. We would love to hear from you, and you will be helping others too



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