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Want to sell your home using an Estate Agent? It is always necessary to do so some research to help you choose well. Consider the following tips to help you. It is not worth entrusting what is likely to be the biggest sale of your life to just anyone.  You have a lot of money at stake and taking the time out to select the best company that suits you should never be a decision made lightly. We recommend you take time to review and estate agent. Below are some pointers to get you started.

  • Talk to your friends. Ask who they have used or who they would recommend

References may also be found online, take time to read estate agent reviews, have a look through this site and check out the real, independent reviews available. Get to see / hear real comments about the selling process. With such an important sale, insider advice really is vitally important.

  • Also look to spot in your neighbourhood who are the estate agents who are most active, the number of signs on their behalf is a good indicator. They are more likely to be familiar with the neighbourhood and actions do speak louder than words.
  • Then, meet three or four estate agents and ask them questions. What is their training? Their experience? How many clients do they represent at the same time? Do they go it alone or do they work in teams? An estate agent in high demand may not have enough time for you. It may be preferable to speak to someone less experienced, but that is more attentive because they have an interest in building a clientele. Learn also about the services offered.

 Questions to Ask

Can the agent provide a market analysis to justify the asking price for the house? What marketing strategies have they used? Advertising in newspapers, Internet, brochures, open houses, store windows? These are all ways to increase the visibility of the property.

Pay also attention to the attitude of the estate agent. Do they take time to explain the choices available to you? How can they track customers? The estate agent should make enough to listen to and understand your needs. Only then can they be in a position to properly represent you to potential customers.

Make sure that the estate agent is eager to help and takes time out to answer your questions. Never just choose the first estate agent nor be tempted to go with the biggest that is not always a sign of the best. Shop around for the best deal and good luck with selling your property.


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