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The most important job that any estate agent has is to find you potential buyers to look at your property yet pricing on fees is still expensive for this relatively simple task. One of the main reasons for this is we do tend to follow the herd and accept that this is a necessary cost, and we blindly pay the charges.

The internet is an essential tool for selling property and now it is estimated that 95% of us will look online to select our next property purchase. That is a lot of buyers looking so visibility on the leading property portals is highly desirable to get your home in the spotlight.


Options to the traditional high street estate agents

There are some online estate agents or certainly services now that offer either fixed fee or reduced price selling services. These usually give you access to one, if not more, of the big property portals and some of the more niche portals as well.

This suddenly has the potential of putting your property on the sites where the volume of searches are happening. On average that means that your home could be available to view to the region of 30 million buyers. That’s more than just a card in the window of your local high street.

High street estate agents usually have their own website and they may also advertise your home on one of the main property portals, but the fixed fee ones usually aim for more than one and the cost is lower so you have to look at the maths.

Of course, having a traditional estate agent may be just much easier, once you hand the reigns over to them, they do handle the negotiations and the back and forth necessary often within a sale BUT it does give you more ammunition in haggling with them on their fee’s,


Online Estate Agents – the new breed

Another threat to the high street and another strong reason for them to negotiate is the growth of online estate agents. They offer many of the same services but the price is reduced because they do not have the ties and costs of a bricks and mortar office to pay for, therefore their profit margins can be the same while their fee’s are lower.

Whichever route you choose then remember to check out our detailed unbiased estate agent reviews. Things that you should be looking for are:

– Who is working for you to get the best sales prices (not just selling to hit targets or make commission?)

– Which estate agents are working for you? So who is offering the best possible customer service?

– Which are the best value for money (what do you get for the fees you are paying)


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