Getting The Best From a Property Viewing

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Buying or renting a property represents one of the biggest financial commitments that we will ever make and the decision cannot be rushed into. The first stage of the property search is viewing a variety of different properties and trying to narrow down the possibilities into a shortlist of homes which most closely meet your needs. Finding a home can be a lengthy process but there are a few simple things that can be done to make the search easier.


Clear Criteria

When thinking about where to live, it is a useful exercise to sit down and write a list of what you are looking for from a property. Divide a piece of paper in half, and write down the elements which are absolutely essential for you and what you are prepared to compromise on. For example, a three bedroom home may be essential, but you would be prepared to consider a detached home or a flat. Keep to the main points only though as a hugely lengthy list of criteria will make that perfect property almost impossible to find.


When you find a property you are interested in buying or renting, the first step is to organise to see the house. Although it’s often difficult, it is important to look past the swirly 70s carpet or the huge oak dressing table and think about the sizes of the rooms and whether the available space is appropriate for you and your furniture. Carpets, soft furnishings and wallpaper can be easily changed once you move in, and the current owners will be taking their oak dressing table and other bulky items with them. Keep an eye out for any major issues which could be costly to repair such as lack of double glazing, cracks in the walls or a smell of damp.

Second Viewings

After you have visited a property for the first time, take some time to think over what you have seen and then compare the property against the list of criteria you wrote when starting the search. If you are still keen on a particular property, arrange to go back for a second viewing. Take a camera and don’t be embarrassed to take pictures to remind you of what the property is like, both inside and outside. Start trying to imagine what you would need to do to the property to bring it up to standard, and write a list of jobs which need to be carried out.


Making an offer is a bit like haggling at a market stall, and unless there is stiff competition in the market, going in low is advised. If the property needs its central heating overhauled or to be completely rewired, state this when putting in your offer and explain to the seller that you have factored in these costs. Be prepared to come up a little from your initial offer to show willing to compromise, but don’t get carried away and be tempted to offer more than you can afford or it is worth.


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