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More and more people are looking for property in France as they try and fulfil their dream location to this country full of culture, history, fabulous food and properties that are full of character and charm.  No matter whether you are looking for a brand new build, an executive apartment or a characteristic old stone building that has either been renovated or is waiting for renovation – you are spoiled for choice.

It also depends on whether you are buying the property for yourself and your family as part of a total relocation or on the other hand just looking for a property to rent out as an investment and to help generate a second income for you all.  If you are still under the impression that you can buy a property in France for around £10,000 – £20,000 and then spend a bit more to renovate it them I’m afraid those days have long gone.  That said there are still bargains to be had if you look in the right places and have done your homework correctly and many of them can still return anywhere between 6% and 11% yield which is a good healthy return for anybody concerned.

As you would expect over the last few years the economy around the world has had an adverse affect on properties in France but nowhere near as bad as some of its neighbouring countries with the worst hit areas around the north of France.  This is obviously due to the reduction in British investors because of the credit crunch here which could be beneficial to somebody who already has the money to invest as there will be bargains to be had and a profit to be made once the markets do eventually turn around – which they always do!

The current hotspot is the central regions within the country as there are still some little gems to be found, such as old cottages, barns and farmhouses that are waiting for renovation.  Again always ensure that you have correctly done all of your homework as renovation can be costly, obviously dependant on the amount and type of work required to bring it into a habitable state.

My biggest pointer and the best tip that I can offer when searching for property in France, is to only view and offer to buy the properties that really interest you and don’t settle for second best simply because you don’t have to.  If you are looking for a good long term investment then France is definitely the place for you, but if on the other hand you are looking to just make some quick money – then I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere. has a wide range of French property for sale. Please visit us today to find your drem prpoerty in France.

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