Have You Considered Solar Power?

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We live in a world where energy costs are rising and where we have a concern over environmental issues, looking to reduce our carbon footprint and so make a difference to future generations. It’s useful to know there’s an alternative to acquiring energy through a means other than the conventional method, and that is by turning to solar power as a viable option both in reducing bills and supporting a ‘green’ environment.

Solar power works by the installation of solar panels into a roof, preferably south facing and where there’s no shading. Sunlight then shines directly onto the panels and is converted into electricity. The more the sun shines, the more energy will be harvested – although it’s worth noting that a certain amount can also be generated on a cloudy day. Production of the energy itself is monitored via a meter.

The financial benefits speak for themselves. The only real cost of solar power is in the installation of the panels – prices vary according to size and amount and the bigger the panels the more energy is generated. Significant fuel savings add up over time because your solar energy costs will never increase whilst the cost of electricity through conventional means is steadily rising and will continue to do so.

You’ll have lower fuel bills to pay and the only maintenance needed is to clean the panels on average once a year – the panels themselves can last a lifetime. The value of your home might even increase because solar panels are appealing to the environmentally conscious and there’s the added attraction of lower quarterly fuel bills.

Another financial benefit is that the Government has introduced a ‘FIT’ scheme (Feed-In Tariff) which means that if your solar panels make more energy than you need you can sell the excess back to the National Grid and thus make money as well as saving it.

The other benefit of having solar panels installed is that solar energy is seen as the most natural source of energy and is pollution free – clean, renewable and sustainable energy unlike the toxic emissions such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide that are released by coal, gas and oil.

Also there is no smoke or dust created, no acid rain or other man made pollutions, no need for harvesting or drilling which can harm landscape and wildlife. The cost of fuel transportation is also reduced which in itself cuts down on harmful substances being released into the atmosphere, all in all a good principle to pass down to our children.


Keith Barrett

Keith Barrett writes about home improvements and energy use. He always recommends using professional solar power installers, for those looking to switch to making use of solar energy at home.

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