Housewarming Around The World

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When you are moving into your next home what type of gifts do you expect to receive from your friends, family and new neighbors? Is there a new kitchen appliance that you really need or do you want a new coffee table for your living room? Do you really need a coupon for a free massage after carrying all of those boxes up the stairs or do you already have everything that you need and you really don’t want any gifts at all? As difficult as it is to decide what you would like as a housewarming gift, it is even more difficult to pick out a gift when the person moving gives you no indication at all of what they might want.

Picking out a housewarming gift isn’t just a problem in the United States. Around the world individuals and families struggle with the decision about what to bring over to their new neighbors. To learn more about a few housewarming gift traditions from around the world take a look at this new infographic created by My Move.

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