Housewarming Party Ideas to Celebrate Your New Home

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Housewarming parties are a fun way to celebrate the purchase of a new home. Here are a few tips to get you started planning your event.

First things first

To begin planning your housewarming party, first decide how many guests will be attending. Next, choose where the party will be taking place. Obviously it will be at your new home, but decide if you would like guests to congregate in the living room, kitchen, outside, or all over your new home. Keep in mind the number of guests, to be sure you have enough space to accommodate everyone. Next, decide when you want your party to take place. Some people wait to throw their party until everything is unpacked and the house is in order, but others jump right in and have guests over right away.

Housewarming Party Themes

After deciding on the initial details of your party, choose a theme. Options here are limitless, so you can really get creative and tailor your party to your home and your guests.

Some homeowners like to take the less traditional route and have an unpacking party, house cleaning party, or a decorating party. In these, guests help unpack boxes, help with housework like washing windows or vacuuming, or do decorating work, like painting rooms. Be sure to consider how comfortable your guests will be with this alternative party: Not everyone is up for a chore-themed party.

Other party planners prefer to take the more traditional approach and have an open house. This allows guests to come and go as they please, or as their schedules allow, and still get to experience your new home.

Yet another approach to a housewarming party is picking a feature of your home and letting that be the focus of the party. Some suggestions are a pool party, dinner party, backyard barbecue, or game night.

Housewarming Party Food

Finger foods are optimal for a housewarming party, as they allow your guests to easily move about your house. Small sandwiches, carrot sticks, chips, and cookies are a great option. You could also serve pizza or hot dogs and hamburgers. Keep your theme in mind when choosing what food to serve. If you’re having a formal dinner party, hot dogs and hamburgers may not be the most appropriate choice.

Housewarming Party Entertainment

Once your guests have arrived and you’ve had the chance to show them around your new home, you may need a way to keep everyone entertained. This can be as easy as light background music and conversation, and perhaps dancing, if space allows. You could also opt for renting or purchasing a karaoke machine, or showing a movie.

Other Details

Supplies for your party will typically include paper plates, utensils, cups, and napkins. You will also need some sort of invitation. This can be a formal invitation sent in the mail, perhaps with a map or picture of your house, or something as simple as an email with your new address. Lastly, decorations can be very simple. Fresh flowers or balloons are a nice touch and don’t go overboard.

The possibilities for your housewarming party are endless. With a little thought and planning, you can be well on your way to throwing your party to celebrate your new home.

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