How Now to Be a Victim of Dodgy Moving Companies

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Moving to a new location can be difficult. Aside from making sure that everything is arranged in the new house, you also have to think about packing all of your things. In most cases, when people move house they need to rent a moving company to transport their big furniture and major appliances for them. However, not all moving companies are honest and give customer service a priority.

The Scam

Dodgy moving companies are those involved in moving scams. In this scenario, the moving company will provide you with a false estimate, load your things in their trucks then demands a higher price to deliver them. Other companies will also say that your things went over the estimated weight so they will charge you for the additional weight. They will keep your property “hostage” until you are able to pay them.

Getting Estimates

One way to avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous moving companies is to get different estimates from at least two or three moving companies. Be wary of companies that give you a cheap price for moving your property because these are the ones who are likely to run away with your money. The same goes for companies that want to be paid up front and do not put the terms in writing. Legitimate moving companies will agree to do an in-home estimate or at least give an estimate based on cubic feet.

Questions You Should Ask

When talking to a moving company, you should ask all the important questions about the company such as:

• How long have they been in business?
• Do they have the necessary licenses and certifications?
• Are they covered by insurance?

Aside from these company details, you should also be concerned about how they will go on about the moving process.

• Is their price the same regardless of how big and heavy the items are or will they charge additional fees for moving extremely large pieces?
• How will they charge you? By the piece or by the hour?
• What kind of trucks and other equipment will they use?

Personnel and Equipment

Conduct your own background check and ask the moving company if their employees are subject to random drug testing. Do not be afraid to ask them this because the safety of your person, your family and your property are at stake here. You can ask an independent company that conducts employee background checks just to make sure. This is important especially if you are hiring a moving company through the Internet.

You should also inspect the equipment they are going to use during the moving process. They should be clean and well-maintained. How their equipment looks is a good indicator of how they will handle your things.

Ask for a Contract

Once you have chosen your moving company, you should ask for a contract stating all the terms you both agreed upon. The contract should cover everything down to the last detail so you will be protected from hidden costs. Inspect the contract and have your solicitor look it over before you sign it. Remember, a contract is essential so that you will have a record of the business transaction.

This article was written by one of the regular contributors of We Do Moving Boxes, a UK-based company that provides high quality cardboard boxes for home moving.

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