How to be Flexible and Get a Quicker Sale For Your Home

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You have sourced a new property, viewed it, and are certain that you want to move into it.

The only problem is that you need to have an agreement in place for the sale of your current home before you can make an offer on it. Despite a myriad of protestations from your agent saying they have done all they can, there are some ways you can make your approach to selling your home more flexible.

We looked at some of the best ideas for getting a quicker sale for your home.

Lower the Price

This is both the most obvious and probably the one you want to avoid. However, if people are coming to view your house based on the agents ad that said offers starting at a certain price, and you then made it clear you wouldn’t accept anything near that level, you have a problem.

Admittedly, this is down to your agent as much as it is you, however you need to be more pro-active if you are going to get the sale you need. How much do you want your new home?

Be Flexible With Repairs

One common attitude when it comes to home repair is that once you have sold the house, any problems become the other’s problem. Rather than simply saying that you have considered that in the asking price of the house, why not offer to do a deal with someone who really wants to buy your home. Say that if they pay a certain price for the home you would be willing to cover a portion of the repair costs, up to a certain amount. This is likely to cost you less than reducing the price of the house, and will free up the capital you need to move forward.

When it comes to negotiation over a house sale, this is perhaps as close as you can get to a genuine win-win situation.

Relist the House

Part of the problem may be that you have been trying to sell the house for so long that no-one is interested anymore. This can be especially true if your house is featured prominently on an agent’s website, and everyone can see the date it was listed. “House in popular area” does not sound so good when you can see that no-one has bought it in the six months it has been listed.

In fact, if has been that long, you might just want to change your agent altogether!

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