How to Choose an Efficient Moving Service

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Choosing an efficient moving service means looking for one that will provide the most tailored, and most flexible experience possible. Moving services should be about ensuring that any problems or delays can be swiftly dealt with, while making the most of the best storage and transportation technologies when dealing with sensitive materials. At the same time, the best moving service for your needs might not always be the most local, but can justify additional costs by providing outstanding service and peace of mind for home and large business moves. Some of the areas to focus on when choosing an efficient moving service include:

1 – Companies with the Right Range of Containers

The best moving services will have an excellent range of storage materials available to ensure safety and efficiency. These materials might include open pallets, as well as stillage cages that add extra walls to a rolling base, and can be manufactured in steel to provide extra support. Flexibility in terms of what containers can be used is also important, and should involve cages, pallets and stillages that can be easily adjusted depending on the size and the weight of goods. This flexibility should also extend to how containers can be loaded and tightly packed into moving vans and lorries to save on transport costs.

2 – Compliant Companies

It is always best to go with a moving service that is accredited and regulated in a number of different ways. Companies that are linked to the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association are particularly recommended for the quality of the equipment that they use. Other moving and storage companies can be found that are distinguished by their environmental management systems (EMS), and by FAIM Accreditation, a standard used for international transportation. Moreover, it is important to find a moving service that has a comprehensive liability insurance scheme in place.

3 – Customisable Options

When choosing an efficient moving service, it is important to find one that can tailor their service to your particular needs. This tailoring can take the form of using different container sizes, but can also mean being aware of environmental issues and budgetary constraints. Deals can be made over second hand containers, while discounts might be found on large jobs that involve a full office or warehouse move.

4 – Tracking Software

Modern moving services often feature specialised tracking and recording equipment, which helps to ensure that items are kept secure and monitored as they move from location to location. Radio frequency identification, which involves tagging goods and tracking them remotely by a GPS system, is one of the best ways of making sure that items do not go missing. At the same time, biometric technologies can be used to identify and record the successful delivery of items.

5 – Location

While it may be tempting to just go with the most local moving service, it is always worth browsing as widely as possible. Cost and distance can be reduced if the service has an excellent record in terms of speed and the quality of their containers. You may find that it is better, in this way, to spend more on a larger moving service if you want to make sure that important items are kept safe, and that the service you receive is of the best possible quality.


Christina Appleworth is a freelance copywriter working in coordination with Avatan Handling Equipment, a leading UK based supplier of professional storage equipment.

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