How to Choose the Right New Home: A Buyers Guide

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Whether you are looking to move out from your parent’s home for the first time or simply want to move to a more suitable property, there are many different types to consider. From chic apartments to family homes, you need to know which one is right for your needs and this guide has been put together to help ensure the perfect property is chosen.

Understand your Budget

It’s really important to understand your budget through taking all costs into consideration. From putting down a deposit on a property to meeting monthly mortgage repayments, it’s time to work out what you can realistically afford. On top of this, council tax varies depending on what band a property falls into so you need to make sure you are aware of the tax band before putting in an offer.

Once you are aware of these figures, add everything else you pay for such as household bills and food shopping costs and work out your total monthly outgoings. This will give you a good idea of what you can realistically afford when it comes to finding another property.

Old vs. New

Some people prefer the character offered by older properties whereas others are more taken with the idea of moving into a brand new home. There are pros and cons to both so it’s worth doing your research in order to make a decision on either a newer or older property.


Sometimes a great deal can be found on a property that requires TLC. This can often just be due to outdated décor, but can also be because of aspects that require structural work. Properties bought for renovation can be a fantastic project for those who have the time and money to dedicate to it, but do be wary as renovation work can be stressful with predicted budgets and time frames often spiralling above and beyond initial estimates.

Plan for the Future

Moving is often referred to as one of the most stressful experiences in life, so it’s really important the house, flat or bungalow you choose is right for now and also right for your future plans. Younger couples may think purchasing a luxury apartment in the heart of the city is the perfect choice, but if children are on the cards in the near future this might not be ideal. Think ahead to where you want to be in other areas of life in the next couple of years and take this into consideration when house hunting.

Whatever your situation, taking the time to decide what kind of property you want in terms of aesthetics, size and age will help enormously to narrow the search and get you on the right track to the perfect home.

Sophie works alongside Housetrade and has recently purchased her first home, taking the various important factors into consideration to find the right house for her needs.

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